Technology has always made people’s lives more advanced and interactive by producing better than other mechanical equipment. Be it phone, laptop, or desktop. The payment processing apps is such a unique software that lets people shop, dine, and travel without carrying credit or debit cards.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic broke down worldwide, the need for contactless payment has risen sharply in these last one and a half years. This situation has led to making payments apps more popular across the world.

In this blog post, I will discuss the ten best payment apps accepted worldwide to facilitate payments. Moreover, These apps have several features in common that let the users use them without having any obstacles.

But before moving to take the blog tour, let’s find out exciting and most relevant facts and figures of e-commerce payments.

Do you know? As per a report, 45% of e-commerce payment transactions took place by digital and mobile wallets in 2020. And it is expected to increase to above 50% by 2024.

Payment Processing Apps

Now let’s dig deeper to take complete insights into the top trending payment processing apps in 2021.

Here we go!

1. Google Pay

Google Pay

Google Pay is the top leading payment app globally where users use this platform to make online payments, purchases, contactless shopping, etc. The tech giant Google developed it to facilitate online transactions for customers. 

The best thing about Google Pay is that it charges no fees for transacting the amount for inbound or outbound payments.

It is compatible with Android and iOS; that is to say, both the platform users can utilize the app while going out for shopping, a movie, or dinner.

The significant point to consider:

Compatible Android and iOS
Payments Limit $9999 in one transaction or $10000 in a week
Cost to make payments Charge no fees for transferring the amount

2. Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the most lovable payment processing apps that iOS users use to make online transactions by adding the card details for once only.  Moreover, Apple Inc introduced the service supported on iPhone, Apple Watch, iPad, and Mac.

The pay button of Apple pay is a lot faster and more secure than your credit card. Moreover, Apple Pay offers you a high reward credit card option for transferring money. Hence it has attracted many users to make online payments using this app.

The significant point to consider:

Compatible iOS
Payments Limit Up to $3000 per message and $10000 in a week
Cost to make payments 3% fee for amounts funded by credit card to friends and family

3. PayPal


PayPal is considered the Daddy of all the payments apps that have gained wide recognition in the last few years. It is the best international money transfer app that users find quick and convenient to transfer money anywhere in the world. 

PayPal allows you to transfer money to US-based bank accounts and several foreign accounts at no charge. If one wants to send or receive internationally, then PayPal is the best app to transfer money as it possesses an excellent security record.

The significant point to consider:

Compatible Android and iOS
Payments Limit send up to $60,000 but may be limited to $10,000 in a single transaction
Cost to make payments you pay 2.9% plus a fixed fee if using a credit card, debit card, or PayPal credit
Best For International Payments

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4. Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is one of the top-rated payment processing apps introduced by Samsung Electronics. Users can adopt the Samsung Pay app to make payments using compatible mobile phones and Samsung devices.

Moreover, there is no cost involved in making payments. The best thing is Samsung Pay works at every credit card point of sale in the US and 17 other countries.

The significant points to consider:

Compatible Selected Samsung devices
Payments Limit None (doesn’t allow a person to person transfers)
Cost to make payments None (doesn’t allow a person to person transfers)

5. Circle Pay

Circle Pay

Since the users wish to make payments for foreign countries, Circle Pay allows them to do the same. The best thing is it does not charge a fee for making the payments.

The significant points to consider:

Compatible Android and iOS
Payments Limit $400 per 7 day period. Can be raised to $3,000 per 7 day period by giving extra info
Cost to make payments Doesn’t charge fees, but the bank may

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6. Xoom


Xoom is known to provide quick transferring of payments to foreign countries. It is compatible with Android and iOS both and the cost to send money differs based on the countries you are sending the amount to.

The significant points to consider:

Compatible Android and iOS
Payments Limit Can send $25,000 per transaction, in the beginning $2,999 in one day, $6,000 in 30 days and $9,999 in 6 months
Cost to make payments Cost may differ depending on the country you are sending the amount to. 

7. Venmo


Venmo is a digital payment service that PayPal owns, but it has lots of differences from Paypal. The primary aspect of this app is to send money to friends. Since Venmo’s focus is clear and the execution is excellent, it is one of the best apps for sending money.

Moreover, Venmo has over 60 million users to date that reflects its popularity across the globe. The best thing about Venmo is you can use it at the sites and apps where PayPal is accepted.

The significant points to consider:

Compatible Android and iOS
Payments Limit $299.99 for seven days, but you can raise to $2,999.99 weekly
Cost to make payments charges 3% if paid by credit card and $0.25 to transfer Venmo balance out of Venmo
Best For Friends

8. Square Cash

Square Cash

Square Cash is unique for sending and receiving money. It adds stock and bitcoins purchases to simply transferring the money to your friends and relatives. In addition, the advanced feature of Square Cash can automatically deposit the funds to your bank account.

The significant points to consider:

Compatible Android and iOS
Payments Limit The initial limit is $250 per transaction for seven days. After that, you can raise the limit to $2,500 per 7 day period.
Cost to make payments charges a 3% fee if you transfer the amount by credit card.

9. Zelle


Zelle is said to be more quick and straightforward for transferring money to any person in the US.  In addition, it works inside the bank, so simultaneously, you can directly transfer money to the bank account.

Zelle requires a simple setup, and you don’t need too much support to finish the form for starting the payment. The most helpful thing about Zelle is the recipients do not need an app.

The significant points to consider:

Compatible It depends on the bank  
Payments Limit If your bank doesn’t offer Zelle, then your limit is $500 per 7 days.
Cost to make payments doesn’t charge fees, but your bank may
Best For Banking

10. Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger


Facebook Messenger lets you make the payments easily without signing up, as the details are already synced with your Facebook account. You only need to add a debit card to facilitate the transaction.

The best thing about Facebook Messenger is it keeps your payment information private and confidential. When you send money, the recipient can only see the transferred amount, your name, and your profile photo.

The significant points to consider:

Compatible Android, iOS -users must have a FB account
Payments Limit Not disclosed
Cost to make payments charges no fee, but you can only use a debit card or PayPal account to fund transfers.
Best For Social Media

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Summing Up!

Payments apps are today’s talk of the town everywhere as people in this covid hit situation follow social distancing norms. So they use payment apps for different purposes, whether for paying apparel delivery channels, food delivery channels, medicine delivery channels, or other online shopping activities.

As discussed above in the blog, you could easily understand the emerging demand for the usages of payment processing apps to make payments quickly without carrying cash or credit cards. You can utilize any of the best payment apps shown in the list to transfer money.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does a Payment App work?

It follows a more convenient and straightforward method to proceed with the payments. It acts as a digital wallet where you link your bank and credit card to the app. Thus, you don’t need to carry credit or debit cards physically with you for making payments.

Q: How much does a Payment App cost?

Payments app does not cost because most of the payments apps are free and don’t charge any processing fee. Therefore, you can transfer money to your friends and relatives. Moreover, some payment apps may charge some fee to receive the money before the stipulated time.

Q: What are mobile payments services?

Mobile payment services are processed electronically through a mobile device. Users find mobile payment services more convenient and quick to send money to friends and family members.