2020’s Best Android App Development Frameworks

Android framework

In the 21st century, smartphones and mobile applications tend to have a huge impact on our lives, irrespective of the political boundaries. Just in countries like the UK, the USA or Australia, the IT hub in India is making steady progress.

With a large number of skilled developers to contribute at a cheaper rate than other marketplaces, the Indian IT hub has to be one of the top preferred marketplaces by the investors. And being preferred largely, the marketplace for Android app development has been gaining a lot of popularity.

When investors hire android app developer, they tend to look for the developers that will build their application using the best and most efficient methods available in the market. And hence, android application development services around the world have adopted various methodologies and frameworks to build more efficient and profitable applications.


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And with the rising popularity of different mobile platforms such as Android, iOS or Windows, investors always demand an app that can be operated with all the platforms. This is the reason, the developers working on mobile app development in India and other countries are focusing on cross-platform frameworks.

So here in this article, we will be concentrating on a few frameworks that can help the developers for delivering a better app experience to their clients.



Ionic is one of the most preferred and efficient cross-platform frameworks. Based on AngularJS, this framework lets the developers use different languages such as HTML 5, JavaScript, CSS, and Cordova. Ionic happens to be one of the applications that run using native UI elements, unlike other responsive frameworks.

Having built on the standard web technology, this application lets the developers have a check on all the Ionic apps in a shared and central dashboard having live activity feeds. This way it gets easier for the mobile app developers to keep a constant check on the apps and their progression.

React Native

React Native

Powered by React, JavaScript library build for structure UI, React Native is considered among one of the best in the market. As an android application developer, you can apply this framework to your existing work. Similarly, this framework can be really helpful to develop a new application as well.

Also being one of the most efficient cross-platform frameworks for both Android and iOS development, both iOS and Android application developers favors this framework a lot. It allows the developers to develop high-performance applications faster in a shorter cycle. Also, as it deals with JSX, this saves the programmers from the extra effort of learning additional programming languages.

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Xamarin happens to be one of the most popular cross-platform frameworks that have its influence on speeding up of stage-based equipment. With this framework, the mobile app developers can use C languages for iOS and Android platforms and even Universal to develop apps for Windows. Being backed by Microsoft, this provides a marvelous user interface that lets developers create native applications with comfort.


Node js

Note.js is an incredible cross-platform framework that runs on JavaScript and built with a chrome V8 JavaScript Engine. Being an open-source framework, Node.js supports to develop server-side and scalable networking applications.

Being built on the Chrome V8, this framework tends to be faster for its code executions.

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Native Script

Native Script

Native Script is also an efficient cross-platform application that is built on JavaScript. For the mobile app developers looking for WORA functionality, Native Script can be eligible for them. This framework lets developers create apps using Vue’s, JavaScript and TypeScript. This framework also allows the developers access to the native iOS and Android APIs saving their time and effort of learning native programming languages.

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap

Adobe PhoneGap is an open-source framework powered by Cordova. With a powerful and efficient developer community and a robust PhoneGap toolkit, the developers get to build applications faster. With this application, the developers get to build the platform application store ready apps with the help of the native SDK.

Its hydration feature helps the developers to debug faster and also lets them build the application cycles faster.

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iPhone and Android application development services are able to build different powerful and user-friendly applications with these efficient frameworks. The robust cross-platform frameworks have been able to boost the progression of iPhone and Android app development and other marketplaces.

But while choosing a developer you need to make sure that they are the right choice for your app and your business market.

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