Artificial Intelligence or AI has been used for decades, and it’s still an elusive technology that is yet to be used to its full potential. As nebulous as AI is, technology has a lot to offer to big and small businesses. AI refers to the creation of hardware or software that can replicate a human’s behavior. The term was first coined by John McCarthy in 1956, but it has gained much popularity in the last few years. As per Statista, the expected worldwide revenue to be generated from the AI market will reach up to 97.9 billion U.S. dollars by 2023.

There was a time when only big names like Google or Apple could afford AI, but now startups and small businesses are quickly picking up the pace. AI-focused startups have been gaining considerable attention from investors.

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How is AI Helpful to Small Businesses?

The constantly growing popularity has made it easy for small companies to gain benefits from AI. It has taken on different forms and terms, such as – machine learning, deep learning, or cognitive computing. Here are some ways AI can prove to be an asset to small businesses.

How AI Helpful to Small Businesses

  • AI as a Marketing Tool: Small businesses can use AI to set up automatic email responses. Email marketing generates the highest ROI at #38 for every $1 spent. The email automation system shoots a reply depending on the trigger by a subscriber. The triggers are picked up by the AI working in the background.
  • AI as a Sales Tool: Using AI as a sales tool goes side by side with marketing. Automated marketing should be strong enough to convert customers into paying customers.
  • AI as a Chatbot: Chatbots are great for websites. They’re employees that work 24/7 without any lunch breaks! Chatbots also act as a communication platform that customers prefer as the first point of contact over emails or calls.
  • AI as an HR tool: AI is slowly creeping into the HR field. Mobile app development companies in the USA have created apps that have made candidates screening a piece of cake. Most apps have an algorithm running in the background that matches a candidate’s profile with a job vacancy.


Five AI Apps that are Perfect for Small Businesses

1. AnswerRocket – Generate Reports

AnswerRocket, the AI app, has easily replaced data analysts. The app presents detailed reports and charts when asked a simple question in English. The app generates results faster than an analyst, saving you the time and trouble.


Features of AnswerRocket:

  • Automated and proactive analysis
  • Easy to use
  • Accurate, consistent and unbiased data
  • Learns and optimizes accordingly
  • Scalable as per business size
  • Big data visualization
  • CRM and ERP integration
  • Search-powered Analytics

2. EVA by Voicea – For Documenting Meeting Actions

Eva Voicea is a voice-based AI app that is designed to fight meeting fatigue. It intelligently facilitates meetings by taking notes of decisions and encouraging follow-up. Eva uses voice recognition to pick up information from business meetings that can be obtained later. Eva is the only meeting assistant you need now present at meetings!

EVA by Voicea

Features of Eva by Voicea:

  • Uses voice commands to take notes in meetings
  • Edit your meeting recaps
  • Take human transcripts
  • Provide meeting and presentation playback
  • Equipped with intelligence to take private meeting notes

3. – A Company Knowledge Sharing App helps you connect all your work apps securely and smartly. It gives your team control over new and outdated data, eliminating the need for you to share the files yourself. It allows you complete control over who can access your documents. can be used with apps such as Google Drive, Gmail, Dropbox, Slack, Evernote, and Trello.

ButterAi helps businesses of any size, find important documents easily. All you need to do is search something specific, and the AI running in’s background, will connect you with the file.

Features of

  • Document management
  • Easy and convenient collaboration
  • Marketing management
  • Project management
  • Surveys and feedback

4. Timely – Full Automating Time Tracking App

Timely is a super-smart AI app that tracks your activities into timesheets for accurate billing. It learns your routine over time and drafts time entries for you automatically. Timely doesn’t need any manual input, and it studies your behavior while you switch between apps.
It keeps your timeline and tracked data safely in one place, where no one but you have access to it. Just check your data whenever you feel like it.


Features of Timely:

  • Automatic data backup
  • Client management
  • Creates new appointments
  • Offers innovative payment solutions to customers
  • Timely doubles as a marketing tool used to automate client retention and growth.
  • Offers stock management
  • Control your staff’s dashboards, timesheets, and tasks
  • Accurate reporting and analytics
  • Manage your team from anywhere, especially when you’re traveling.

5. Clara – Automatically Schedules Meetings

The app automates the task of scheduling meetings, confirmation, and follow-ups for entrepreneurs. The app uses AI to book conference rooms as well. Business owners can integrate the app with their calendar and let it work its magic. The next time you need to set up a meeting, Clara will check your calendar availability and suggest a preferable opening. Clara is perfect if your startup needs a tool to schedule business meetings to save time!


Features of Clara:

• Virtual Personal Assistant at meetings
• Schedule or reschedule meetings
• Conduct follow-ups

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AI is the Future!

Businesses that understand the effectiveness of integrating AI are more likely to achieve efficient working conditions. The concept of using AI-enabled apps in your business needs to make sense. The apps that you use need to help your business in some way because AI is a big investment.

In today’s tech-driven world, competition among businesses is fierce. For small businesses, leveraging emerging technologies like AI, AR, VR, and Blockchain will earn you a spot in the challenging market of apps.

Are you interested in integrating AI-enabled apps into your business? If the answer is yes, then it’s time to search for the best AI apps that can benefit your startup in more ways than one!