Angular JS vs React JS

People, especially entrepreneurs from small businesses and SMEs, face difficulty in selecting one appropriate js framework (out of Angular or React JS) for their project. Here, I am going to make their task easy. Let’s start from the start!

Javascript is one of the most famous front-end languages used in all software development companies in the present time. It has around 120.5k Github stars, 21 forks, and 1200 contributors. Angular and React JS are two important javascript frameworks that have gained a lot of attention nowadays. 

Short Introduction to Angular and React 

  • Developed by Google
  • First released in 2010
  • The upgraded version (Angular JS 2 or Angular) came in 2016
  • Maintained by Facebook
  • Released in 2013


Now, let’s have a look at what stackoverflow says about various frameworks including angular and react. 

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reactjs vs angular


Image courtesy: Stackoverflow

Google trends also say something about these two popular js frameworks. Let’s look at it also. 

react vs angular

Image courtesy: Google Trends


From the above images, it is clear that React JS has a higher priority than Angular and Google Trends also says ReactJS is the most popular library. In the next step, we will compare both of them based on certain factors to decide which one would be better to choose for your development project. 

angularjs vs reactjs


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Angular, React JS and apps

Here I would like to emphasize the fact that Angular is mostly used for large applications. Large in the sense, an app that uses a huge part of the computer memory. For example, a video streaming app and music instrument app is a large application. 

However, ReactJS is a library, not a complete framework. It means it does not have a complete set of tools required to create all kinds of applications, it is just a library. Hence, it is mostly preferred for a Single Page Application.    

reactjs vs angular

Comparison between Angular Js and React Js

The major difference between Angular JS and React JS is present in the state of its management. Angular JS has data binding bundled in by default. However, React is usually augmented by Redux to give unidirectional data flow and work with immutable data. 


Angular JS is a framework that offers a large number of native options and features. It permits you to benefit from a number of options directly that makes it possible to start a project faster without being intimidated by the choices to be made at startup. 

When comparing React JS vs Angular JS, It is quite important to know that React JS is an open-source JavaScript library. Hence, you need to add external component libraries to have the same number of features. You will need to add elements for routing to force unidirectional flows, to call APIs, set up tests, manage dependencies and more. 

Data Binding

Angular JS uses a two-way binding that connects the Document Object Model values to model data. It means if for user interaction with the field, a new value is offered to the app it will result in the update of both the view and the model. 

Furthermore, it helps write less boilerplate code to include the interactions between components in your app. However, the two-way data binding approach has a negative impact on performance. 

React JS supports one-way binding. It offers singular behavior for your application. The implementation of dependencies helps singularity to separate from the classes and the risks of error can be minimized. Moreover, the one-way data flow in React helps to control the complexity. So, it’s much easier to debug the self-contained components of large React applications similar to larger Angular JS applications. 


Angular’s MVVM provides the benefit of reducing the loading speed of the web pages considerably. Moreover, communication is in the asynchronous mode. It reduces the number of entrances to the server. Since the visual interface is on the client-side, part of the backend queries is removed. It enhances the speed of designing web applications. 

React JS creates its own virtual DOM where components are attached. It comes with the comfort of search within a website since entire data gets displayed without refreshing the page. Hence, Angular provides a lower performance with difficult and dynamic applications. Moreover, virtual DOM is helpful enough in increasing the performance of React JS. 

angularjs vs reactjs



With its instinctive design and powerful CLI, Angular JS is easy to scale. However, React is testable and hence scalable compared to other frameworks like Vuejs. 


reactjs vs angularjs     


Dependency Injection

It is a software design pattern that supports making components reusable, maintainable, and testable. AngularJS automatically finds the appropriate injected objects with various parameters such as $filter, $routeParams, store, and $scope. 

$inject and $provide are the two functions that make dependency injection possible in the Angular JS framework. However, the built-in container for dependency injection with React is missing. 

It is made possible by the inclusion of instrument modules, such as Browserify, Require JS, and ECMA Script 6 modules. 

Directive and Templates

Angular JS has its directives to work on DOM. ng-bind or ng-app are some of the standard directives with Angular JS. Moreover, you can make your directives as well. It is considered as one of the most powerful methods to work with DOM. 

Furthermore, we can use directives, both standard and specific to bind DOM elements with Angular JS applications. 

However, React does not provide any classification into templates and directives or template logic. The template logic is required to be written in the template itself. React selects to interpret all templates and the UI every time an event happens. 

Angular JS is completely based on the MVVM (Model-View-View-Model). It comes with an exhaustive list of tools as well as features such as data link, change detection, forms, routing, navigation, and Http implementation.     

React only covers the MVC (Model-View-Control), so you will need to use other libraries like Redux and Flux as a controller or react-router for navigation. 

A Comparison Table for Angular and React JS

Here is a table that includes various parameters against the technology (Angular or React JS). This table shows the properties of both technologies. It will surely help you to make out a clear decision for selecting the technology for your app development project.   

angular js vs react js

It can be seen in the table that Angular has a regular DOM while React JS has a virtual DOM. Moreover, Angular has a Bi-directional data binding process and React JS has a unidirectional data binding process. 

Also, Angular has a component-based app architecture while React JS has no app architecture. Moreover, in the end, React JS is an open-source JS library while Angular has a fully-featured MVC framework.  

Wrapping up

Hence, on the basis of the above-mentioned properties, you could easily make a decision whether you should go with Angular or React JS for your app development project.  

It is quite clear that Angular is used basically for large-sized applications such as video streaming app. Hence, in case you want to create an application that is going to take a lot of memory on the user’s mobile phone, then you can easily opt for Angular. It will provide the proper functionality to your app. 

But, if you are planning to create a single page application, then you can go for React JS. The main reason behind this lies in the fact that React JS is a library instead of a full-fledged framework. Hence, when you work with React JS, you require different other tools and libraries to fulfill your project’s requirements.   

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