COVID-19 and the subsequent economic disaster have transformed the landscape of the companies working. Although a lot of enterprises had to remove their hands from extreme projects with large expenses, the other corporations had to stop their processes to balance out the funds in a financial disaster.

A lot of organizations, such as Reliance, Amazon, and Apple, observed the past few months as a chance for a profitable business. And others like Microsoft and Twitter thought of making the remote working the new normal.

Unquestionably, there has been a trivial consequence on the working of IT organizations, with the unusual COVID 19 condition. However, digital transformation has become a core shift amongst the business.

A lot of technologies, such as AI, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, and more, have become the protector of IT companies in this pandemic.

Besides, the adoption of several technologies has caught the real momentum. Not only vendors but consumers of these services get the advantage with these innovations.

Since the technology is developing and organizations are striving to produce the maximum profits, I have come with the top 10 predictions for AI, Big Data, and analytics in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

Statista predicts that the worldwide AI software market will grow swiftly in the future, reaching about 126B U.S. dollars by 2025.

Artificial Intelligence Statistics

Image Source: Statista

1. Making Path For Intelligent Process Automation (IPA)

Forrester predicts that around 25% of Fortune 500 organizations wish to invest and execute IPA processes.

IPA brings together RPA (Robotic Process Automation) and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies to transform the automation business processes.

The more ML algorithms class data, the more AI identifies it for intellectual processing. OCR innovation is an example where artificial intelligence functions with conventional RPA to study disorganized data collected in scanned records. AI-infused RPA is going to do wonders in 2021.

2. AI-Enabled Chips Will Improve Performance

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AI-Enabled chips are predicted to touch a profit of US$91,185M in 2025, an immense increase from US$6,638M in 2018.

They will have constant apps that need AI like computer vision, natural language processing, object detection, and facial recognition much quicker.

AMD, NVIDIA, and Qualcomm are building AI-enabled chips to improve the performance of artificial intelligence apps. Qualcomm has previously released its latest AI-enabled Snapdragon 732G to boost High-Tier Mobile Gaming.

3. The Advancement of Data Highways

For companies to continue competitive, businesses must try to embrace modernized analytics, and accommodate progressive business standards. They must set expert data science units and reconsider their inclusive approaches to keep speed with the opposition.

4. AI for Data Breaches and Cybersecurity

Data is going to become accessible, and so are phishing attacks, hacking! No wonder, in 2021 and beyond, artificial intelligence and advanced forecast algorithms are going to play a crucial part in cybersecurity.

AI would give cybercrime restraint while improving business cybersecurity standards. AI-backed cybersecurity would be utilized to find digital actions or transactions that pursue bad patterns to grow defensive signals before security can be breached, as well as delicate data negotiated.

5. The Development of Hybrid Employees

Once the Covid-19 is diminished, companies will bounce into the RPA bandwagon, implying swift execution of cognitive RPA and AI to handle repeated tasks and high-volume.

With the emergence of more use cases, the current workplace is going to move to a composite workforce ecosystem. The employees will interact with computerized bots, the starting has been created already with Siri, Alexa, and additional digital assistants.

After 2021, this trend would result in more collaborative communications with AI, perhaps even without understanding it.

6. Personalized Interactional AI

NLP (Natural Language Processing) is going to be personalized to comprehend human talk with more solidarity by devices. Chatbots would know the human purpose better and give a more meticulous solution and examination to user queries.

7. The Confluence of IoT with AI

The Internet of Things and artificial intelligence is a union created in technical heaven!!! The duo, when implemented collectively, will lead to a different age for actionable insights.

Sensor backed AI is going to bring imminent maintenance more prevalent in construction. Smart Home Devices, such as Google-owned Nest, would turn more popular. Reports predict that 28 percent of all houses in the United States can be turned into smart homes in 2021, channelizing competence to the next levels.

Data Analytics

Data Analytics

8. More Accountable AI

Artificial Intelligence is the art of intending to make devices perform what is customarily done by complicated human intelligence. Usually viewed as the human race’s most influential foe-friend in movies, artificial intelligence is still not on the brink of eradicating humans.

The attribute that has a recommendation in data analytics is the ability to upscaled insights. The need for instant digital data analytics utilities is nowadays expanding and is anticipated to grow more in the future.

9. Real-Time Data and Analytics

The demand for real-time information has remarkably developed in 2020 and will increase in 2021 too. The COVID-19 has given to the construction of a broad variety of precise data that performed a crucial role in determining the Covid-19 condition.

In 2021, the prophecies and notifications in commerce will surely become utilized much more in building decent replies and approaches for future efforts with higher variables mapped into the equation.

10. Blockchain Technology

It is the most popular for its part in cryptocurrency. Moreover, it is possible to use Blockchain for a great variety of tasks across companies. Blockchain can improve data analytics since it validates data efficacy and limits false data from being involved in studies.

A hacker will have to modify all blocks in a blockchain to change the data. Therefore, Blockchain is predicted to be one of the best technologies to embrace in 2021.

11. Decision Intelligence

Decision intelligence is a novel educational discipline touched with all phases of choosing between alternatives. It draws together the most beneficial of implemented managerial science, data science, and social science into a combined field. This assists users in utilizing data to enhance their organizations, along with the world encompassing them.

Gartner projects that by 2023, over one-third of comprehensive companies will have examiners practicing resolution intelligence, which includes decision modeling.

Big Data

Big Data

12. Big Data & IoT: Synced Future

Numerous trends strive to modify current business circumstances. It is tough to remain conscious of all that; however, Digital devices and IoT are needed to obtain a foothold in big data innovations 2021.

Yes, IoT with big data is driving companies to acquire better outcomes. As per the surveys, 42 percent of firms that have initiated IoT services or IoT production in growth are planning to use digitized portables in the succeeding three years.

The other advanced depiction of a physical framework or system is Digital Twins. Business apps and framework explorers can use all these frameworks to decrease complexity in their IoT composition.

Besides, big data analytics are mounting as significant facets for breaking down IoT-powered data collected from “connected devices” to enhance dynamics.

The other advanced depiction of a physical framework or system is Digital Twins. Business apps and framework explorers can use all these frameworks to decrease complexity in their IoT composition.
Besides, big data analytics are mounting as significant facets for breaking down IoT-powered data collected from “connected devices” to enhance dynamics.

13. ML Will Continue to Grow

ML is a profound innovation in 2020 big data trends, and it is predicted to impact the future radically. Machine Learning is a rapidly mounting technology utilized to develop daily activities, as well as business processes.

ML was one of the most popular and the highest investment technologies in 2019, compared to other AI frameworks combined. The appending entities have shown how companies are placing more in these apps:

Machine Learning Statistics

Image Source: Statista

Automated machine learning tools assist in building bits of knowledge that will be tough to derive by various methods, even by proficient examiners. This big data technology stack provides faster results and elevates both overall productivity and answer times.

14. Stimulation of Quantum Computing

Getting to examine, as well as process and extract billions of data can take an enormous amount of time with the contemporary technologies we are using.

Handling and processing them one at a moment can aid in lessening the time of data supervision. This will let companies settle on suitable alternatives for achieving better results.

This enormous effort must be understandable by the influence of quantum computing. Despite being at its outset, experiments are conducted on quantum machines to aid in helpful and hypothetical analysis over many companies.

The top tech companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Google, are also exploring this technology stack to execute them into fruitful business analytics.

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Final Thoughts

2021 will witness an extensive transformation amongst the businesses.

No wonder depending on a bare-bones solution, such as Google Analytics, will not help your business to grow. It’s high time that you pulled your socks up to tackle the technological advances.

All the predictions mentioned above will help you to sustain in cut-throat competition and capitalize on several opportunities.

So, how are you going to enhance your company’s business intelligence in 2021? Tell us in the comment section!