Guarantee Success In Your Next Webinar With These 5 Tips

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To the surprise of many, webinars can be used for more than just a source of teaching. In fact, it is a marketing strategy hiding behind the shadows, being neglected more and more every day, when it can, in fact, be one of the best methods of promotion.

Webinars are current. They are favorable sources of finding out information that takes no work from the consumer, except the simple click onto the page, and the time it takes to listen. It is because of these reasons that every business should be delving into the use of webinars to promote products or market new services available with them, especially to reach a wide stretch of audience.

But, for a business that is yet to jump into webinars, doing so (to promote themselves) may be a little overwhelming. It’s hard for a company not to look as though they just want their consumer’s money when they are deciding to market a product.

Because of this, we will try to defuse this likely concern within this article. Throughout we will be discussing how anyone can be guaranteed success through webinars, by taking on just 5 simple tips and implementing them into the next webinar marketing strategy.

Be Clear On Goals

It would be rather pointless dedicating so much time, effort and money into developing a webinar just because everyone else seems to be doing it. Everything, especially within marketing for a business, should be done with a clear goal in mind; to both be something to aim for, and also a motivational factor too.

Having the goals clear in mind before preparation and planning starts will make the process much easier as the business will understand how much is at stake and the efforts needed to be implemented, for the webinar to be found as successful.

It can be simple questions such as ‘ How many listeners are we wanting to attract?’, ‘How will the webinar aid the brand’s image?’, or anything along with the promotion of products and what features need to be highlighted within them. These are only a small example of possible goals. Every business is different and will use the webinar to market themselves in distinctive ways each time, but knowing where the finishing line is, is very important.

Be Worth The Time

Thousands of webinars have already been produced in the past. So, it is likely the once ‘innovative’ idea chosen to be discussed, has been done before. Because of this, it is quite unlikely that people will take the time to listen in on the webinar.

To hinder this from happening, be sure to be specific when naming the webinar. Something too broad will not cause any buzz of interest, even if it will be answering some really inventive questions.

Use powerful language and realistic statements to get people to sign up. Even if the topic of choice is rather general, it can easily be spiced up with the right language and effort.

If it is proving difficult to find a topic to talk about, go through the process of brainstorming. This is the simplest way to spin ideas from others to find something that may not have been talked about in the webinar world.

As well as this, it would be beneficial to ask questions on the possible topic, this way an understanding of what people want to know and hear will become clear and will make the preparation process much easier.
Decide On The Format Early

Once the topic is chosen, it will now be beneficial to decide on the format in which it needs to be presented. By knowing this early, it will be much easier when it comes to preparing the entire presentation, as the format and structure will be clear.

The most common formats to consider are:

• Product demonstration- The best for a business marketing a product. The tutorial format will encourage those who may be dithering around buying the product.
• Q&A- Helps to maximize the engagement of anyone watching the webinar, and takes the angle more personal
• Interview Webinar- By having a popular influencer on board for the webinar pays as a great way to increase attendance as they can ask the guest speaker any questions
• Panel- A group of experts talking through a topic/product

It would be best to test the different formats that suit the topic and the target audience and stick to this to begin creating a brand within the webinar platforms.

Choose The Right Platform

The one thing not wanted in a webinar, over all else, is a technical mishap that can cause any viewers to have an unsatisfactory experience. While the host may be using the best quality workstation and desktop, problems can still take place from the audience’s point of view. Because of this, the chosen platform used to run these webinars is particularly important to ensure a successful show is available.

While it might be easy to research and find the best-recommended platform, the business needs to ensure they can comply with what is needed to be able to post on the chosen application. For example, is the chosen platform within budget? It is likely the best out there are going to be the most expensive, and while this is great from a viewer’s purpose, there is no imperative reason to drain company funds.

Similarly to this, it would be important to check the number of attendees the platform allows at one time and if it offers the wanted features that are being looked for. For example, if the business is wanting to run a panel-style webinar, can the features of the platform comply with this as? It may be rather lengthy and need a quality connection to keep this up sustainably.

Some of the best available platforms range from:

• Google Hangouts
• Adobe Connect
• ON24
• WebEx

Pick The Right Date and Time

Surprisingly, the exact date and time chosen to host a webinar can be the feature that makes or breaks the possible success it could have. While this may seem like the most minuscule rule that couldn’t change the way in which the webinar performs, it can. People are not as likely to sit and watch a webinar on the weekend as much as they are through the week.

A study posted by ReadyTalk Blog suggests that the ‘prime time’ for web hosting is between 10 and 11 in the morning. Their research concluded with the statistics showing that:

1. 26% of viewers prefer to watch at 10 in the morning
2. Only 16% are willing to attend a webinar that is at mid-day or later
3. 32% of all viewers consider 11 in the morning, to be the best time to conduct a webinar.

Not only is the time scheduled for the webinar to take place important, but the chosen date is too. Each day in a week has a different preference when it comes to working and what each person wants to take on, on that given day. After concluding research on this, Medium found that Tuesday is the optimum day to host a webinar.

However, contradicting, HubSpot has suggested that Wednesdays and Thursdays show the best performing viewer count if a webinar is posted on this day. Overall, it is clear that the middle of the week is the best time to decide to host a webinar session, as Mondays and Fridays are traditionally the time most would take away from work for a long weekend break, or they are the busiest times for a company, being the start of a new week, and the end just before the weekend.


It may seem hard to guarantee success within a marketing technique that may have not been used before, especially one as demanding, and somewhat intimidating as a webinar. It is important to aim for success, but also ensure each webinar hosted is taken as a learning opportunity, to work towards the goal of creating the best one possible.

By following the tips above, the way can easily be paved to using webinars to the most advantage, ultimately creating a bigger audience base, and showing the viewers there is more to a business than just objects or services; being personable is an attractive trait to a consumer.

Then, with ensuring the right date and time is chosen, along with a platform to suit budget and goals, there is no reason why each webinar cannot be successful in their own ways, proving that this new marketing technique is certainly something to invest in.

To include, why not try to encourage the possible viewers to sign up to the webinar by turning the process into more of an incentive, a motivation to get users to watch and take part. This way, the viewers will hopefully take the time to watch, produce feedback, and return next time with the hopes of grabbing themselves a possible gift.

Invest in a capable software development initiative that could enhance your overall communication allowing your users to enrich their business with leads through customized software. In this way, they can not only succeed in forging healthy relations but also capture the global market with just a few clicks

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