The key to surviving in the tech industry is the ability to adapt to the changes quickly. Currently, the technology is upgrading at a rapid pace than ever before, producing breakthrough after breakthrough, setting new industry trends, and finding out new in-demand skills. This is especially true for front end development, which has revolutionized everything from IoT and chatbots to the rise of JavaScript and static websites.

According to Gartner, all businesses will use voice and visual product search by 2021. Moreover, implementing artificial intelligence solutions in front-end development websites will allow businesses to understand the desires of their customers better and offer products and services, that fit the particular requirement of the customer. Furthermore,

Futurologists predict that properly executed AI solutions will bring a 30% revenue increase to businesses by 2020.

Front-end development is now evolving at a quick pace. It has now switched its focus towards enhancing the user experience. As we know that more people use mobile phones these days to access the web. It means websites with enhanced and improved user experience are going to stay at the top of the rankings while the rest have to change it to win the trust of their users.

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This is where the use of artificial intelligence (AI) is felt as it’s leading technology with a tremendous future. More businesses and tech companies now look to use AI and some of these examples include face recognition and voice recognition.

This completely shows how personalization matters and how much they want to add value to customers and enhance their website experience.

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Role of Artificial Intelligence

These days every tech company keeps discussing artificial intelligence and how it can be the real driving force for them. There are so many pros in all the buzz and hype related to AI and more industries looking to follow this trend. Before you start to follow this latest trend, you should better know about the concept from the inside out.

Let’s take a look at the role of artificial intelligence:

  • AI is one of the most talked-about technology in the world today with the potential to change the way humans interact with web-enabled devices and machines.
  • It is a piece of technology designed with a purpose to boost technology and humans today.
  • AI is all about virtual robots being integrated with technology to simplify people’s life and add value to societies worldwide.
  • AI is about adding a new dimension to the user experience
  • AI is about to change the way humans interact with various types of machines, including websites.
  • AI is used to create devices and tools which are capable of producing an intelligent response.
  • Businesses across various industries are set to implement AI to deliver more value to their users.
  • Any industry can take advantage of AI and can see the complete transformation to its daily operations and fortunes.

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Artificial Intelligence and Future

AI is the hottest trend in the world of technology these days. Some analysts say that it is currently a 150 billion entity while others are predicting that it will influence close to three-fourths of the customer interaction in the next coming years.

Let’s have a look at how artificial intelligence is going to have a great future in the coming years:

  • AI is going to change the way businesses and customers will interact with each other.
  • Chatbots are already predicted to create a huge difference in the way customers’ retail requirements are fulfilled.
  • The technology is going to be accepted by businesses that are looking to enhance the user experience of their website.
  • More businesses will search for ways to impact customer interaction.
  • Outstanding customer or user experience will drive more businesses towards AI.

Benefits of Front-End Development from Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We all know that front-end development is expanding and evolving at a rapid rate. Although it has been attracting users with aplomb, there are other ways to make front-end development even more beneficial in the days to come. It can be done by using AI so that you can deliver a superior user experience and personalized services in an easy manner.

Here are the benefits of front-end development from artificial intelligence:

1. Superior Customer Experience

It is possible for businesses to develop a website by integrating AI and reach a point where you can understand the needs of your users in a better manner. Such websites will be able to sense the mood of the customers easily and can know their preferences in an easy way.

In addition, businesses can use cognitive analysis and environment in a better way for their websites and they can be benefited from statistical analysis to predict the user experience.

Errors can be reduced and customers can be provided with the desired value and experience. Other than that, websites will be able to process the data and information on any scale to serve the interest of their users in a perfect way.

2. Better Reply Prediction

AI is definitely going to enrich your business with better reply predictions. We have already seen how chatbots can easily predict the reactions of a customer successfully. The chatbots have proven to be very beneficial particularly in the way to make the communication processor easier.

Using these chatbots, it is possible for a machine to decrypt the emotions of humans. Because communication can be made more natural than mechanical. Meaning that it is possible to create web-enabled devices or websites using artificial intelligence that will communicate with the emotions of humans in a better way. Therefore, in the next coming years, users are going to find it easier to interact with websites with no communication barriers.

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3. A Rise in Demand for Voice-Based Search

With AI customers are going to get an outstanding user experience. Users can expect a personalized and unique user experience with websites using artificial intelligence. Any business can hire a top front-end development company and get to develop a website offering the best user experience.

Such websites are going to take user interaction and engagement to a whole new level.

E-Commerce website buyers will feel like shopping with humans in the real sense as a website can understand their requirements in a better manner. It clearly shows, customers can raise the level of their expectations.

4. Even More Effective Marketing

Machine learning as part of artificial intelligence provides huge opportunities for businesses. Technologies allow doing marketing predictions on the basis of customer behavior. For instance:

  • What kind of product customers will buy next?
  • What kind of products and services annoys customers?
  • Price threshold that is suitable for the user.
  • Preferred device and channel to access your website.
  • When the customer is likely to buy a particular product etc.

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The future of front-end development is very exciting as chatbots and artificial intelligence are expected to take over in the coming years. As these technologies will continue to become more common, more helpful, and AI-based applications will arise in the future as well. These key trends are the indication of a changing digital landscape.

The next milestone for AI in web development is to develop self-improving applications that can think beyond the limits of human thinking. So there is great hope for a revolutionary AI that will impact businesses for the greater good.

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