There is no better choice than ASP.NET for covering various aspects of a programming language using one single framework. This framework has become widely popular among businesses that are developing business-focused applications for many years.

In the year 2016, Microsoft announced the release of two important AI (Artificial Intelligence) services:

  • Microsoft Cognitive Services are the AI-based APIs that allow you to use the powerful collection of AI algorithms developed by experts and developers in the field of natural language processing, speech, web search, computer vision, and knowledge extraction.
  • Bot Framework is an AI-based framework to develop and create intelligent bots for interacting with your users in a natural way wherever they are, from Skype to Telegram, Facebook, Slack, and various other popular services.

By integrating both the above-mentioned services in your ASP.NET application. You can make your existing applications more advanced.

According to the recent stats by, 14% of all applications are powered by ASP.NET as of June 2018. Moreover, ASP.NET is the second most used programming language for developing new applications after PHP.

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Main Benefits of ASP.NET Over Other Development Languages

  • By taking advantage of in-time compilation, native optimization, early binding, and caching service out-of-the-box ASP.NET applications offers the best performance.
  • For developing big applications ASP.NET drastically reduces the lines of code required.
  • From submission of a simple form, and authentication of a client to site configuration and deployment, ASP.NET offers simplicity which makes it easier to perform common tasks.
  • With in-built Windows authentication and per-app configuration applications in ASP.NET are more secured and safe.
    ASP.NET applications are easier to maintain and write because HTML and source code are all together. Furthermore, its source code is executed on a server, providing a lot more flexibility and power to the web applications.
  • With Visual Studio Integrated development environment this framework is complemented by a rich looking design and toolbox. Automatic deployment, Drag-and-drop server controls are some of the few features which are provided by this framework.
  • Using ASP.NET runtime all the processes are managed and monitored closely, so if the existing process is dead, a new process could be replaced in its place, which helps in keeping the application available to handle requests.

In this blog, we will talk about how developers and businesses can integrate artificial intelligence(AI) and Machine learning into their existing ASP.NET applications.

How to Integrate Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Into .NET Applications?

Here are some of the services launched by Microsoft which you can integrate into your .NET applications for integrating AI and Machine Learning:

1. Bot Framework

As discussed above, Bot is a useful framework for connecting and building intelligent bots for interacting with users whenever and wherever they want to maybe use Slack, Facebook, Skype, Telegram, and various other popular services.

2. Microsoft Cognitive Services

As discussed above, these are the APIs that allow you to use powerful AI algorithms, which are developed by experts in the field of vision, computer speech, knowledge extraction, and natural language processing.

3. Azure Machine Learning for.Net

Azure machine learning is a completely managed cloud service. It allows for easy development, deploying, and sharing predictive analytics solutions.

4. Cognitive .NET Development Services

If you are looking to add some intelligent features to your existing .NET applications like emotion detection and sentiment, speech recognition, etc. You can add all these features easily by using cognitive .NET development services.

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Infuse Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in ASP.NET Applications

ASP.NET is already equipped with everything one is looking for in developing a smart application. It can be done by infusing AI and Machine learning for cloud and on-device scenarios. One can easily use pre-built models for Core Machine learning for Xamarin, cognitive services or generate and consume own models by using Azure Machine learning and deep learning libraries like CNTK and Accord.NET.

Important Features of the New ASP.NET Core MVC

Here are some of the important features of the new ASP.NET Core MVC:

1. Flexibility is Added by Making it Open Source

Due to its open-source nature, it allows developers to maintain modularity across various development environments for simplifying the source code. Moreover, it boosts the flexibility of additional framework libraries and components that are required for application development.

2. Cross-Platform Functionality

With new ASP.NET Core MVC, it can run your application across multiple platforms such as Linux, Mac, Windows, and others. In Visual Studio Code it is considered as a Visual component, which works as a development tool for ASP.NET, with which you can develop new applications for Mac and Linux. ASP.NET services in development companies allow the platform independence feature for ASP.NET core MVC to develop one application, which can be run on multiple numbers of platforms.

3. Provides Support for Hosting Independence

During the development of an application, these applications can run on various web servers other than the IIS(Internet Information Services). It because ASP.NET Core MVC supports cross-platform functionality so it cannot keep any application dependent on only the IIS server.

4. Improved Support for Cloud Deployment

Due to the modular architecture of the framework, it has enhanced the support for cloud deployment. The extended modularity and flexible environment provided by ASP.NET Core MVC enable developing new applications that are yet to deployed on the cloud.


Now, it has become easier for developers to integrate Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning into their existing applications, by using the above-mentioned services. Moreover, you can develop cross-platform applications by implementing powerful algorithms by using fewer lines of codes.

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