How to validate your application ideas successfully in 2019

Undoubtedly, the application market is one of the fastest growing markets today. In India, for example, 94% of the population has already installed applications on their phones to perform tasks, be it for appointments, watching movies or even finding transport. Due to the fact that the sector is expanding to a large extent, more entrepreneurs are interested in investing. But the challenge is how can anyone enter this market with the certainty of making a profit?

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But how to put a filter in your closet full of app ideas? How to validate the viability of your app ideas? Is the idea of ​​my application good?

This is where your search ends: the search to know the process of ideation of the correct application.

However, some other steps should be taken into account to validate your app ideas. These steps will help you discover if it really is worth investing in an application idea and if the financial performance will be as expected.

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1. Research

Generally, when we have ideas related to applications, we always (hopefully) think that we will enrich ourselves with them. However, we tend to forget the main step when it comes to validating our convictions: research.

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Everything, from the future of your business to the justification of how much your application cost, depends on the amount of research you do to verify the validity of your application in the market.

Usually, most of the best app ideas already exist, that’s why some investors might quickly give up on moving forward. It’s important, however, to remember that competition in different proportions is part of any venture, and it could even be something healthy, depending on the situation. When an investor reaches this point, it is important to think if the app idea has an aspect/edge that is something new and still not explored by the competitors. If the answer is yes, the chances of your idea being successfully recognized are high.


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2. Analyze the market adjustment

Once you have answered how to validate an application idea, the last step before entering the cycle of the development process of the mobile application development would be to analyze what the market would demand from its application.

mobile app ideas

This stage will mainly deal with two things: the set of functions of your application and your business model. Take note of the characteristics of your competitors and see what everything can combine and put into your unique application.

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3. Collect feedback on your application ideas:

Well, the first thing you’ll have to do is create user people. The benefits of creating user users are also derived from other stages of application development. You will have to define your user group so that you have a clear understanding of how people would use your application: the characteristics that would be preferred, the design that will be applied, etc.

mobile app ideas

Once you have identified the type of user that would interact with your application once it starts, the next step would be to get the idea of ​​your application to them: the stage that plays a crucial role in finding an answer on how to know if your mobile application idea will succeed or not.

You can create a survey about the characteristics of your application and send it to your group of potential users to measure your interest rate on your idea. The ways in which you can communicate with your users are A. Through Social Media Ads B. Through community-based websites such as Reddit, Quora, etc.

4. Begin to build your identity

It’s time to use the network you must have created during the survey process and social networks.

app ideas

Create a landing page (also known as a one-page website, such as a document) to pass on to the people you had previously contacted and the people whose care you will acquire next. The idea will be to see if all the people are interacting with your idea of ​​a mobile application.

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It is important that your pictures, brand, and other things carry the essence you want to bring to your app. Moreover, thinking of a better visual identity and design could guarantee application public’s approval, helping the audience easily grasp the functionalities and value of your application idea.

So here was everything you need to start validating the idea of ​​your mobile application: things that would be needed for your idea to take off and hit the market. In the end, it all depends on how unique but necessary the solution offered is and how many people you can contact to validate the idea of ​​your mobile application.

The next step? More research

Now that you have a valid application idea, the next idea is to find the right mobile application development, outsourcing partner.

The probability of it reaching the best mobile app development company is quite high. So let’s cut some steps. Read my next blog of on top full stack development companies.

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