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The market of iOS apps in 2019

Apple has built a galaxy of 2.2 million apps on the Apple App Store. It is a significant number that speaks volumes about the importance that Apple greatly emphasizes over mobile apps. It is not just a notion that has converted itself into a robust trend. The money made by monetizing mobile apps is reaching numbers larger than life by itself. Mobile apps are expected to make $189 billion by 2020.

ios trends 2019

Apple has undoubtedly lost the grip of the Smartphone market in the past few years. They are trying their level best to compensate with useful quality mobile apps for their users. It can be considered as a highly potential way of recapturing the lost market share. Rolling out high-quality mobile apps and empowering iOS developers for doing the same is a great idea. According to statistics, an average American checks the Smartphone every 12 minutes and 90% of the screen time is spent on apps. The numbers are all-time compelling for developers to exploit mobile app development for targeted problem-solving. All this is undoubtedly giving out common reasons for people to switch back to Apple iPhones.

The broad difference in the user experience of android and iOS apps

ios trends 2019

iOS and Android are completely different in terms of their internal architecture and mechanism of process execution. The significant differences are explicitly visible as iOS just let only the top three mobile apps of the app stack consume RAM. While Android still struggles to distribute computational power to all apps. It results in persistent hang and slacks off mobile apps. Mobile phones that have high-end configurations and huge RAM are more likely to run Android Apps with better efficiency. iOS apps are relatively lightweight because of the development environment in Swift and C.

Most effective iPhone app development proactive measures for an indigenous approach

Pre-development research

Performing pre-development research about your mobile, of an idea, is the route to all proactive measures that you can take while developing an iOS app. Achieving clarity about your mobile app idea and functional requirements is like a blessing for the rest of the project. The upcoming phases of your iOS App Development project get streamlined because of the core fixture of needs, and you can plan accordingly.

One of the most significant benefits of firmly fixing up functional requirement is that you can confidently create a structure of the mobile app. The internal, logical, and software structure of the mobile app are all equally crucial for laying a proper foundation to your mobile app idea. In the case of a flickering mind, changing mobile app requirement leads to un-optimized structure. It can cause logical deadlocks and performance issues. Having a complete picture of your mobile app will also help you decide:

  • Optimum development time

  • Predicted performance projection

  • The right time to end a particular sprint

  • Build the right technology stack

Safeguarding testing duration & phase

It is one of the most preached, and least followed measure for ensuring a top-quality iOS app development. Cutting corners from the mobile app test duration and the testing budget are the most common blunders that people generally commit. It would be wise of any mobile app owner to not compromise on through extensive testing methods of your iOS app. It has excellent benefits in the long run and also helps you achieve the expected performance metrics that are important before the mobile app release.

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UI/UX checklist

Building and maintaining disciplined around an extensive UI/UX checklist is one of the better ways of making an iOS app guideline compliant mobile app. Testing your mobile apps for various screen sizes helps you maintain adaptiveness. Furthermore, testing the mobile app for complete responsiveness is one of the aspects that can be managed, while testing the iOS app. Further, reminding our developers are using lightweight tools and bringing out a minimalistic, but highly effective UX is a great idea. It is essential to understand that UI/UX can be improved only to a certain extent; once they are passed through the development phase. Making the right choices of your front-end development tools and making use of proper plug-ins is by far more than essential. Ensuring spaced, neat, and tidy content layout can help you build a UI that is capable of imparting a breathtaking UX.

Guideline compliant apps

Interestingly, Apple has laid out strict guidelines for iOS designers and developers to maintain a standardized quality and complete consistency, while using a bunch of iOS apps. The company is so particular about guidelines that there are separate sets of directions for the macOS, iOS, tvOS, and the watchOS. The iOS design guidelines talk about the clarity of icons, easily out, and a complete mobile app screen closure among all functionalities. Clarity is maintained with no negative spaces, proper colors, fonts, graphics, and the interface elements that play a critical part in boosting the interactivity.

The iOS design guidelines talk about the clarity of icons, easily out, and a complete mobile app screen closure among all functionalities. For instance, they have patented the rounded edge mobile app design on all iOS. Such small elements of design might miss out the details of your eye, but they are essential from a branded UX perspective.

Compulsive budget allocation for app marketing

It is a standard measure that all mobile app development projects need. Whether it is about iOS or Android, drawing a strict line of budget allocation for mobile app marketing is rather extremely important. Mobile app marketing is like a spoon that you need to reap the benefits of all the efforts, made throughout the iOS mobile app development project. Every leading iPhone App Development Company encourages clients to reserve a definite proportion of their budget for mobile app marketing. Once the project completes, mobile app owners should focus on aggressive engagements through quality content and analytics.

People having top quality mobile app ideas should realize the criticality and importance of mobile app engagements. Irrespective of the quality of the digital product, it is much more important to gauge how the most probable customers are most likely to perceive it. It is a significant aspect that needs to be turned in your favor, for the outright success of an iOS mobile app.

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Final word

iOS development companies are rushing towards leaner, meaner and more productive ways of developing iOS apps at a more efficient scale. It is interesting to note that the lost grip of Apple from the Smartphone market is kept completely isolated, from the quality of mobile apps designed and relating practices. The company is committed to building high-quality mobile apps for its existing customers. They do care for the efficiency of iOS apps as that becomes a potential driving force for people to buy iPhones consistently. Apple is propagating proactive mobile app development measures for all tech enthusiasts. They are expecting iOS enthusiast and talented developers to imitate them in the upcoming years.

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  • Apple has made Virtualization of OS X illegal, so be careful before choosing OSX vm, cause you need to verify your location, device with a iCloud account which might get you in a trouble…

  • I heard Apple’s soon moving to the new ‘Chip Tagging’ system. Where to develop apps for ios, you’d need to have a brain chip installed that’ll authenticate the user.

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