Let Us Know Why The World Fancies Progressive Web Apps

World Fancies Progressive Web Apps

In less than a decade, mobile applications have been able to successfully establish their foundation in the business world. That is the reason why a lot of industries are so eager to adopt this tech and merge it with their process. And a lot of them are doing the same. At the same time, it has created a situation, where the market is flooded with numerous apps.

But the number is not the only concern, the need matters too. A lot of businesses actually don’t even need an app, but they create it just to enjoy the perks. Often it leads to a bunch of unnecessary efforts and wastage of money. In such a situation Progressive Web Apps offer solace. If you are living under a rock and don’t know about the functionalities that it has to offer, then it’s about time that you develop thorough knowledge about the same. In this blog, we would know why PWA is becoming one of the best technologies for businesses.

First, let us clear out the basics.

What Is Progressive Web Apps?


progressive web apps


For any business to step into the world of mobile app development is a tough nut to crack. Before connecting the business to a global platform, businesses have a glut of decisions to make. This may include the company to choose for the development or to select the best-suited platform for app development. All these questions might end up taking a lot of time in the process. For some, a website may be a better option. But it has its own limitations.

In such scenarios, PWAs offer a better solution.

The progressive web app is a brand new technology, that enables businesses to create applications that feel native. They are based on standard web technologies, for example, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc. These special apps, run in the browser and lets the user access key native features. Take a look at a few of them:

1. Installing the application on the phone’s home screen

2. Accessing the application offline

3. Getting push notifications

Creating a progressive web application lets the team update the app, that too without any implicit user permission. For the user to have the access of a new feature, all the development team needs to do is create/ code a new feature and push the code to the server.

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If you too are looking forward to the integration of PWAs with your process, then here are some stats that would compliment your idea. Check them out;

  • PWAs boosts up installation speed
  • Has more than 50% conversion rate
  • It reduces device storage up to 25%
  • Increases engagement and number of views up to 130%
  • Average session increases up to 78%

With such mind-blowing facts, falling under the charismatic effect of PWAs is not difficult. But that is not all. There is a lot more that everyone needs to discover about them.

Why The Business World Is Falling Head Over Heels For PWAs?


progressive web apps


First, let us evaluate a very general phenomenon; for a business to follow a strategy it is necessary to get good results. Now anyone can relate to the fact that the massive adoption of PWAs is happening because the technology is offering a glut of advantages to budding entrepreneurs.

The above-mentioned statistics clearly suggest that the enhanced user experience of PWAs is directly proportional to their use. It is time we observe the advantages of the same.

1. Is it an App? Is it a Website? Guys, it’s PWA!

With 90% of the time spend using apps on the phone, it is clear that the users prefer apps over browsers. That is why there has been almost a 45% increase in app downloads since 2017. The reason why these apps are more intriguing is because of the fact that they are more user-friendly, can work offline and have an attractive interface.

Progressive web applications deliver an advanced user experience. They are able to achieve the same by combining the look and feel of the mobile apps, with the immaculate performance of websites. They have a specific design and a setting that is almost the same as that of native mobile software.

Irrespective of technologies, frameworks, and tools used to develop PWA, these apps cater to their users’ needs with immaculate user experience, just like a native mobile app. This property helps them to move multiple steps ahead of mobile apps.

These apps basically have the same kind of responsiveness, capability, speed, the efficiency of the website with access to the database, and automatic data. That is the reason why every engine indexes them, and users can easily find PWAs.

2. It’s easy on the pocket!

These apps don’t need separate versions for separate devices. This means a single PWA meets the need of all the end-users. Since there is no need for separate versions, the overall cost is reduced drastically. It is a great option for a budding startup looking for a cost-effective way to reach out to the global audience. As fewer efforts are required by the developers, the total cost required to create PWA automatically decreases.

3. Performs well!

Progressive web apps cache and serve image, text and any other type of content. They operate everything in a specific and efficient manner that allows them to function like a website, which in turn increases the speed. With the quick operation, another feature that attracts the masses is an outstanding performance. Performance is the driving force behind the user experience and huge conversion rates.

This technology is best for content providers and retailers because it displays positive user experience, by successfully retaining the loyal customer base.

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4. Quick installation

It is not like regular mobile apps, as PWA does not need a long complex installation process, and it has a positive impact on the users. All they need to do is download that app directly to their device in a jiffy. There is no need for them to go to the Google Store or App Store. It completely streamlines the procedure and reduces abandonment. Once a user has downloaded it, the app is easily accessible via a desktop icon.

Some of the browsers, follow a great technique by offering a call to action notification, which triggers the masses and develops an urge to download the application. Since there is no need for an installation process, it is simple for the users to access PWA through a URL. This means it has high shareability.

5. No problem with updating

These apps have specific functionality that permits the updates automatically. There is no need to notify the users and disturb them with permission requests. Apps automatically update themselves after the user visit, it thus eliminates the need to download the changes and then install them again. Users can access the new look, without any participation.

There are a bunch of producers of progressive apps that send push notifications to all the users, just to inform them about the arrival of a brand new update. The produces have all the power and the control over the information and data, to which the users have access.

6. Zero dependencies on App Distribution Services

Most of the time, app distribution services, for example, Google Play, App Store Microsoft Store, set extremely high requirements for any kind of software that is included in the databases. Not every single app is able to match up to the high standards. Meeting their requirements eventually becomes very difficult for a long period of time. Not only that, but it also takes the development team a lot of efforts to mark the standards.

And even after you match up to those requirements, the company still would remove the application from the database, without any formal notice, if that app misses their any particular need. Doesn’t matter how harsh it sounds, it is the bitter truth that every business needs to accept. But one must also keep in notice that, not always one needs the validation from an app distribution service.

Here is when progressive web apps jump into the rescue. PWAs basically lets the produces escape and avoid all the complex reconciliation procedures. And that is all because there is no need to store them in the app distribution services, which means zero dependencies.


Now you know most of the reasons behind the global love for PWAs. With such gargantuan benefits, which business wouldn’t want to think about its integration? But one must evaluate all the steps, before making the final decision. If you want any help regarding the same, then feel free to reach out to us for proper evaluation.

We all live in a world that is constantly exposed to new technologies and is also experimenting with them to fetch out better results. With such huge competition, it is mandatory to work hand in hand with the trends. But make sure to connect with expert individuals for better understanding, because, for tasting success, you need to jump in prepared.

I hope you liked it, and if you want to know more about PWAs then make sure to let us know, feel free to share your views. Until then stay hooked to this space for more information and exciting updates.

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