COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest challenge the world has faced. It has ruptured both our economic as well as mental stability. But come on, we are humans, and we are blessed with a gift called “intelligence.” We will figure out our ways to deal with the effects and re-establish ourselves.

In the meanwhile, we also happened to notice the loopholes in the IT industry: where we lack in speed and what more innovations we need. This is because currently, amid the pandemic, it is technical innovations that are enabling us to function smoothly, and these technologies are expected to stay for a much longer time even after COVID.

Here are eight post COVID technology trends for 2021 and beyond.

Before we begin, just a friendly reminder, sanitize your hands!

8 Top Post COVID Technology Trends You Must Follow

1. Online Shopping Will Shoot For The Stars!

Online Shopping

In late 2002, the SARS outbreak led to the tremendous growth of both B2B and B2C online marketplace platforms in China.

In the same way, COVID-19 has also transformed online shopping from a convenience to a necessity. The eCommerce industry has seen the most significant jump amid this pandemic. Therefore, it is the best time to start your eCommerce business.

“The online merchants earned an extra USD 107 billion in 2020. All thanks to COVID-19.”

The only flaw that we witnessed in online shopping is the in-person delivery of items. Since this delivery system includes human touch, it is not virus-proof. Therefore, the online shopping system needs to be supported by robust delivery systems. This is where Delivery Robots come into action.

Contributing to this field, a company named “Starship technologies” introduced a 55 pounds delivery robot. It is a six-wheeled ground robot capable of navigating streets and sidewalks autonomously.

So, if in the coming future you see a robot delivering stuff at your doorsteps, don’t be surprised.

2. Online Education Needs Better Aids

With schools, colleges, and all other educational institutions remaining closed, following the social distancing protocol, the need for eLearning has come up more vital than ever. Teachers are facing difficulty in managing educational aids and mobile phones at the same time.

But if we see closely, platforms like Unacademy have been vigorously promoting eLearning way before this pandemic. Its advanced features like live classes and interaction with teachers during those sessions have laid the ground for its popularity.

The situation right now is that almost every educational institute must have their personalized eLearning platforms. For how long can you rely on third-party software like Skype or Hangout, which only provide essential features like video call and screen share.

Getting a personalized learning app for your educational institute is the best you can do. For this, you can also get in touch with the best mobile app development companies in India and provide them with all your requirements and that too at an affordable price.

3. Digital Payments: No More Fear Of Infection Through Cash Transaction

The Coronavirus Pandemic taught us the value of digital and contact fewer payments. Earlier, as per my observation, the digital transaction was more prevalent in the metropolitan areas while the smaller cities and regions used the usual cash.

It took a pandemic for them to come out of their usual comfort zone and try something more comfortable and hassle-free, i.e. Digital payment.

My point here is, as now even small and roadside vendors are accepting digital payments hence, it is your chance to come up with a digital payment app that is unique and better than those already in the market.

Hire Android developers or iOS developers and come up with a disruptive digital payment app. For this, you’ll have to see through the loopholes that already existing digital wallets have. You need to cover those areas as well as improve the services they are providing. Then you are ready to Rock-n-roll!

4. 5G Is Rolling Out Even Faster

5G Rolling Faster

When the entire world was facing a strict lockdown period, we all noticed a small change in our all-time favorite app- YouTube. The app turned down the HD streaming feature for the simple reason of increased load on the network providers.

Had it been 5G, we would not have to sacrifice our HD streaming experience for this pandemic.

We all know what marvel 5G can do, and we all are waiting eagerly for Ericsson to roll out the 5G network as soon as possible. But if you own an app or any other online business, do you think your current version of the app is capable of keeping up with the speed of 5G?

Well, my friend, I doubt that. There are a majority of the apps which have yet not started working on their compatibility with 5G. If you are one of them, it is high time, start it now as 5G won’t wait for you rather you must be able to catch-up. You can again hire mobile app developers who can help you with this upgrade.

5. Remote Work Scenario Will Get Better Software Aids For Data Security.

Seeing the fatality of the Coronavirus, most of the companies switched to remote work or the work from home scenarios. Many lazy workers like me are quite happy with this work from home scenario, but what is the cost of this comfort in the long run?

Well, if we look closely, there are many factors that business owners are worried about. Data security is one of the biggest concerns of every company as employees work on many confidential data. Handling that data remotely on personal systems raises high-security concerns.

But as it is said, every black cloud has a silver lining, so does this remote work situation. In a survey named “Future of Work accelerated: Learnings from the COVID-19 Pandemic” performed by Deloitte several positive things came up.

“Leaders believe that the individual employee productivity has in part, increased as a result of remote working.”

The only challenge here faced by many SMEs and startups is to keep track of their employees due to a lack of proper login software systems. It is the right time to invest in such software like Zoho and Hubstaff where you can assign tasks to your employees and track their activity hence establishing coordination.

6. Medical Apps Are Planning To Stay In The Long Run.

I recently came across an app called CureSkin. This app took me by surprise as I just had to click a picture of my face and the app did all the analysis of my skin and created a personalized skincare regime for me just like a dermatologist would do.

There are many such examples to show the advancement of the mHealth industry. Practo is one such famous app which helps us meet qualified doctors virtually. So, the pandemic is no reason not to see a doctor for other ailments.

If you are into the health-tech industry or if you want to join this industry, now is the right time. Come up with an m-health mobile app that is easy to use, and users can entirely rely on it.

7. OTT Entertainment Is The New Normal!

OTT Entertainment

Following the social distancing norms, out-of-home entertainment has become a forbidden practice these days. So, after being locked up in the vicinity of our homes, we turned towards OTT platforms for entertainment.

Though OTT platforms were making their place in our lives slowly, the pandemic gave it a push. And as we get some great quality content, the OTT platforms are going to live long after the epidemic.

So, if you are into the media and entertainment industry, now is the right time for investing in an OTT platform. Because of its 24*7 availability, OTT entertainment is the new normal.

“The entertainment company Zee5 has seen a 45% rise in paid viewers during this lockdown.”

8. IoT Solutions Are Our True Friends

With all the social distancing and contactless practices going on around us, the post COVID era is seen as a breeding ground of smart devices. The increase in the use of intelligent devices from offices to homes has already begun.

But as we saw, due to the pandemic and complete lockdown in major production areas, there was a shortage of manufactured stuff. This is where technologies like IoT are needed.

Core technologies such as Big Data and Cloud Computing perfectly blended with IoT and Blockchain are capable of making more resilient supply chains than ever before. These technologies, with their disruptive nature, are capable of bringing another industrial revolution.

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That’s All Folks!

So, these are the technologies that are capable of ruling the market in the post COVID world. Some of these technologies are disruptive and can be seen as making a significant place in the tech industry.

I want to wind up with a few words of wisdom “Every problem is an opportunity in disguise. It is upon us how we turn the tables.” Make fair use of the pandemic situation to boost your business or do all the digital transformation. You can also get in touch with a software consulting company for any further guidance you want.