There is a lot of buzz and hype in the tech market about the Flutter, making it the preferred choice for new-age developers for developing cross-platform applications. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit (SKT) officially released by Google in December 2018.

Since its release, it has gained enormous popularity by preceding big giants like react-native on GitHub and Stack Overflow.

Giant Statistics

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Many leading companies like Reflectly, Tencent, Hamilton, and Phillips have already built their apps; even Google Ads is developed using Flutter.

According to Google, More than 2 million developers have used Flutter since version 1.0 was released in December 2018.

Developers worldwide are using Flutter for creating Cross-platform applications for mobile, desktop, and web platforms. Developers use it to create applications that work on Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, Windows,  and the web from a single codebase.

Flutter uses Dart, a programming language created by Google itself in October 2011. It helps developers make fast mobile and web applications for any platform.

Developers get many benefits apart from saving time and effort when they develop applications using Flutter. Let’s look at some reasons why to choose Flutter over others.

Here Are The Prime 7 Reasons to Choose Flutter For Your Mobile App Development

1. Cross-Platform Framework

Cross Platform Framework

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One luxury that Flutter gives to the developer is to create a mobile application that can run on both android and iOS platforms using a single codebase.

Cross-platform applications are preferred more by developers than native apps. As for the cross-platform app, there is no need to write two sets of code for developing an application that can work on both android and iOS platforms.

It allows developers to create a single codebase for different platforms, saving their time, effort, and money.

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2. Dart Language

Dart is an optimized client language similar to other languages like C++ and Java, which means it is easy to adopt. Developers use dart language to build mobile, web, and desktop applications.

Some key features of dart language are:

  • It is an object-oriented language.
  • Classed-based
  • Garbage collection
  • Rich standard library
  • Strong typing

This language by Google comes up with the powerful syntax that facilitates robust application structure and design.

3. Apps Build With Flutter Works Faster

You must be aware that the ideal time for your app loading should be 2-3 seconds, so if your app takes more, that users will abandon your application. Fast app loading is crucial for the retention of users.

Using Flutter for application development will ensure that your apps run faster to engage and attract customers.

Flutter’s hot reload feature allows you to frame UI, add features, and fix bugs instantly without losing the state of the app, and Flutter’s “widget tree” helps you view the effect of the changes quickly. That makes Flutter app development many times faster than its competitors.

4. Budget-Friendly

Budget Friendly

Investing in native apps is a bit expensive for a business that is in its initial stage. The native apps are costly as developers have to write two codes to make the application run on Android and iOS platforms.

On the other hand, Flutter allows developers to use a single code to create mobile apps that work flawlessly on multiple platforms. Therefore, it is optimal for startups to go for the cross-platform app to decrease their overall mobile application cost.

5. Powerful And Expressive Design

A Customizable widget in Flutter helps developers build expressive and powerful apps in visual appeal and UI design. All thanks to its layered structure that enables full customization, resulting in expressive and flexible UI designs.

Flutter’s built-in material design, and Cupertino widgets, smooth scrolling, and rich fonts ensure users get a delightful and memorable experience.

6. Easy Testing

Easy Testing

Testing plays an essential role in the app development process. Proper testing is necessary to ensure that the app will be able to meet the expectation of users. However, If you have a different code for multiple platforms, then the testing process becomes cumbersome.

Whereas if you have the same code for multiple platforms, the testing becomes faster, and your developers have to devote less time to that, increasing efficacy and productivity. Also, Flutter’s hot reload makes bug fixes faster and easier for the developer.

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7. Quick Code Development

Launching the application to market on time is one of the prime concerns in the app development process.

Flutter’s hot reload feature makes it possible for an app owner to get an app in the short time possible as it allows your developers to make changes, add features, and fix bugs instantly.

They can see the effect of real-time changes, which means You don’t have to reload the app to see the effects.

Flutter helps you build your app faster than your competitors and take a competitive edge in the market with the product’s timely release.

Flutter App Development Best Tips And Tricks

Here are the top 3 tips for building efficient Flutter apps.

#1. Use Flutter Snippets

Flutter Snippets is a set of commonly used Flutter classes and methods. It boosts your development speed by eliminating boilerplate code associated with the widget creating process.

#2. Font Awesome To Create App Icons

You don’t have to be a trained designer to create enticing icons. You can use font awesome for Flutter to design unique icons for your app.

#3. Safe Area Widget To Remove Notch

The notch can sometimes be annoying; some parts of your content get cut with that. It can happen in both android and iOS.

You can use the Safe Area widget to prevent a notch from invading your app’s UI.


Right from its launch in 2018, Flutter has gained huge limelight from new-age developers. It allows you to build better and faster cross-platform mobile applications without compromising quality and safety.

Are you planning app development with Flutter?

This blog has stated some benefits of using Flutter and why app developers should choose Flutter for their future app development projects. I hope this will help you make a wise decision for your future app development project.

Do you have any queries regarding the above-stated points? You can point them in the comment section below.


Why should mobile app startups choose Flutter?

There are various cross-platform app development platforms out there like Xamarin by Microsoft, React Native by Facebook, Flutter by Google. But the question is which platform is best for making an ideal application.

In my view, You should go for Flutter. Since its release, Flutter has dominated the market and achieved the top position in the list of cross-platform development. Just after three years of its Flutter has built a massive community of over 2 million developers. Google backs Flutter –  which ensures long-term support.

Here are some features that make Flutter a better choice for app development:

  • Cross-platform framework
  • Hot reload ensures fast working.
  • Expressive UI design
  • Flexible and easy testing
  • Budget-friendly

Is Flutter the Future of Mobile Development?

Yes, Flutter is the leading cross-platform framework for mobile app development. There is no requirement to write different codes for multiple platforms, which means you can hire just one developer to build iOS and Android apps at once.

Flutter comes with brilliant features like “Hot reload” and “Expressive UI design” that will help you create a robust mobile app on time.

Is Flutter only for UI?

NO, Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit (SDK) that helps you create applications for different platforms.

Flutter uses Dart programming language to build fast mobile and web applications. It’s not just for UI creation framework; developers use it to build applications on different platforms like Android, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows, and web.

What’s the cost to hire a Flutter app developer?

There is no such fixed price to hire a Flutter app developer. It depends on the app’s size, features like navigation and payment integration, and Its complexity. The cost also gets influenced by the developer’s location and level of expertise.

If you want to hire a Flutter app developer from India, it will cost you around $40/hour.

Why Should I Learn Flutter in 2021?

Flutter has become a popular app among app developers because of the flexibility and easy code development it provides to developers. Flutter is an easy learning language that is suitable for both experienced developers and newbies. Let’s discuss some reasons why you should learn Flutter in 2021:

  • There is no requirement to write different codes for multiple platforms.
  • The “Hot reload” feature of Flutter allows developers to see real-time changes instantly.
  • Great community and support
  • Let you build an expressive and flexible UI.