Apple users have significantly increased over the decade, which attracted business persons to get the iOS app for their respective businesses. Moreover, developing the app for iOS platforms requires several technological tools, languages, and frameworks.

So, if you have also decided to develop an iOS application but are confused about which programming language to choose, then sit back and relax. The blog will give you complete insights into the top 7 trending programming languages for iOS app development in 2021.

But before getting deep into the blog post, let’s look at the following fact.

Do you know? As per a report, In 2023, mobile apps are projected to generate more than 935 billion U.S. dollars in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising.

So, what did you analyze from the above fact? Well, you guessed it correctly that mobile apps are a great source of revenue in the next few years. Hence it’s a wise decision to develop the app for your target audience.

Now let’s discuss the significant aspects of top programming languages for iOS app development.

Here we go!

1. Swift


Swift is one of the most used programming languages for iOS app development projects. Developers love using this language as it is modern, fast, and security-centric. Apple introduced it way back in 2014, and since then,  young entrepreneurs and enterprises have widely used it to build iOS apps.

After four years in 2018, it added a feather to its cap and became the number one programming language leaving behind all the contemporary coding languages. You can also see below in the chart how Swift has superseded Objective-C according to Google Trends.

Swift vs ObjectIVe C

Use Cases of Swift 

The programming language is mainly used to build Mac, iOS, Apps Watch, and Apple TV apps.



Use simple syntax and grammar It does not support old iOS versions
Easy to read and write code  Poor interoperability with third-party tools 
Code maintenance is a lot easier Less talent pool 
Supported by several devices 

2. Objective-C 


Objective-C has left indelible prints over the programming languages world where developers and enterprises trust the language most to create compelling iOS apps.

Before Apple launched swift, Objective-C was considered the most reliable and productive programming language to develop iOS apps.

It is an object-oriented language that assists developers in creating scalable applications. The best part of the language is it passes the messages amongst objects that saves developers effort and time to build the apps.

You can also hire iOS app developers to get unique iOS apps that will help you take your business to a new height.

Use Cases of Objective C

Apple majorly uses Objective C for the iOS and OS X operating systems and Cocoa, APIs, and Cocoa Touch. 



Provides you a long-lasting experience  several security issues
Mature and stable language The decreasing number of people who use Objective C
It gives full support for older versions. code is challenging to read and learn
Dynamic typing improves flexibility. 

3. C#


C# is a versatile open-source language used to create robust iOS applications. It is a simple, object-oriented, and modern coding language which has won the hearts of many young entrepreneurs and iOS app developers in recent years.

As per a recent development stat, C# is the 7th most popular coding language worldwide. It allows app developers to build all kinds of apps, i.e., web apps, mobile apps, Windows clients, and backend systems. Moreover, the C# developers can create efficient native iOS apps while working with Xamarin.

Use cases of C#

Developers used C# to write significant applications and programs like Windows Installer XML, Microsoft Visual Studio, Paint.NET, and Open Dental.



Best programming support Less flexible language
Avoids memory leakage problem It consists of poor platform GUI
Quite capable of collecting the garbage automatically windows-based server for running application 
Backward Compatibility

4. HTML5


HTML5, when combined with CSS, increases the productivity of iOS app development and is popular amongst developers to create efficient apps. You can also hire iOS app developers to get robust iOS apps.

The most helpful thing about HTML5 is users can browse the apps built with it offline because it supports local storage of web app code and content through the offline app cache.  In such a way, it has left indelible prints over the world of coding languages.

In the future, the development of HTML5 will see tremendous growth as all devices that are compatible with HTML5 have the same caliber to collect and use data using standard browser-based analytics tools.

Use cases of HTML5

One can use HTML5 to create web applications that can run on any browser, device, desktop, or server. 



Consistency across multiple browsers needs modern browsers for accessing it 
Cost-effective Multi-Platform Development It has some media licensing issues that need deep concern.
helps in providing good page ranking  Multiple device responsiveness can cause the failure of the app.
Better mobile access to Business Intelligence

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5. Java


Java is the best-known language in Java community developers, leading to the formation of multiple successful apps. It is an object-oriented and general-purpose coding language that assists developers in creating unique applications.



According to a report, Java is the 5th most popular language used by over 9 million programmers worldwide. It also yields better performance when working for android app development. In such a way, Java is a universal language with broad flexibility.



Large talent pool Require much memory space
Suitable for both native and cross-platform development Poor performance
Collects garbage automatically Complex code, difficult to read and understand
Flexible and scalable

6. Python 


Python has received wide recognition in a short time as it produced multiple better applications. It is an open-source coding language that developers use to create robust applications. In addition, developers find it very convenient while working with it to build applications as it is easy to read and write.

Moreover, it supports imperative, object-oriented, and functional development paradigms to enhance the productivity of the application. You can also contact any of the top iOS app development companies to get excellent applications built with Python.

Use cases of Python 

Python is mainly used to build desktop GUI apps, web apps, and websites. 



Easy to read and write It consumes a lot of memory.
It consists of all the libraries within it. Python holds limitations to access the database
It’s versatile and facilitates fast development. Sometimes it generates runtime errors.
Good for prototypes

7. Flutter


Flutter, created by Google in 2017, is now in the race of other programming languages to develop applications. It is an open-source software development kit mainly used to build iOS, Android, Mac, Linux, Google Fuchsia, and Windows.

The best thing about Flutter is it requires less code and less development time to build an application. Since it takes relatively little time to develop the app, the app can hit the market sooner. You can also hire iOS developers to have efficient iOS applications.

Use case of Flutter

Several big brands like Google Ads, Alibaba, and Hamilton Musical use Flutter to build applications.



It takes less code development time. apps built with Flutter have large size 
It speeds up the app development process to hit the market early. It has a limited library.
It gives almost native app performance. App developed with Flutter is not compatible with web browsers.
It can use the same logic across all the platforms.

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Summing Up!

Since several entrepreneurs have relied on iOS app development to increase the overall growth, You can also stand in their queue by choosing the correct coding language to build a robust iOS application.

Keeping in mind all the significant components to develop the app, I have provided you with the crucial details of the top 7 trending programming languages for iOS app development in 2021. You can choose any of them depending on your choices and preferences.

Moreover, I have also chalked out the pros and cons of the coding languages so that you can have proper knowledge related to their functioning.

If you still have any doubts or want to discuss your app development project more, you can quickly get in touch with one of India’s best iOS app development companies. You will get full support here as the team members are supportive and listen to your queries attentively.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which coding language is most in demand for iOS app development in 2021?

There are multiple coding languages that developers are using to create apps. Some of these are the following

  • Java
  • Swift
  • C#
  • SQL
  • Xcode 
  • Python

Q: Is Java or Python better for iOS app development?

Python has secured a great place in increasing iOS developer’s productivity as it assists them in writing code efficiently. In contrast, Java is one of Android’s preferred coding languages.

Q: Are all iOS apps written in Swift?

Most iOS apps are written in the Swift language, which Apple maintains. Moreover, Objective-C is another most popular language that is often found in older iOS apps.