What Are The Top Functional Programming Languages for Web App Development in 2020?

2020 trending programming language

Technological and industry modifications need one thing—always keeping up with everything. In the digital world of today, where there are more than 600 select programming languages, and picking the one that will deliver profit to your plan may be considerably complex. Consequently, before choosing you to need to acquire the inventory of the most popular programming languages, their specs, benefits, and disadvantages.
Information Technology experts should be very cautious while picking up the languages to learn in 2020. The most current trends, functionality, and views should be considered. There are many flourishing and powerful programming languages that earned acclaim and became popularly applied. No matter if you are a prosperous and skilled software developer who is on a quest for fresh ideas or simply a novice, you require to examine some critical determinants that may impact the selection of which programming language to master. These factors could be how high a salary a developer gets, the comparative ease of learning and use, competition (which IT experts are more in demand), and the popularity of said coding languages that can provide new opportunities for you and assure a better prospect.

That said, let us look at the top 10 best coding languages to learn.

• Python

Python persists to be among the best coding language to learn for every developer. The language is simple to learn and contributes a well-structured and precise code, making it robust enough to create a satisfactory web application.
Python can be applied for desktop and Web App Development, desktop applications based on GUI, network servers, data science, and machine learning. The programming language has massive community support and offers various open-source modules, frameworks, and libraries, and that makes developing applications uncomplicated. For example, Python extends Flask and Django, popular archives for Web App Development and SciPy, Keras, TensorFlow, and for data science apps.
Although Python has been used for some time, it is sensible to study this language in 2020 as it can support you to get a freelance project or a job immediately, thereby quickening your career development.

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• Kotlin


Kotlin is a programming language that is general-purpose with type inference. It is outlined to be totally interoperable with Java. Furthermore, since Android declared it as its primary language, Kotlin has features that developers need. It seamlessly blends functional and object-oriented programming characteristics inside it.
The seamless interoperation between Kotlin and Java makes Android development quicker and more fun. Since Kotlin solves the important problems that show up with Java, many Java apps are recoded in Kotlin. For example, brands such as Pinterest and Coursera have previously moved to Kotlin due to powerful tooling maintenance.
As most companies move to Kotlin, Google is obliged to support this language more than Java in 2020. Therefore, Kotlin has a robust prospect in the ecosystem of Android app development. Kotlin is a fast, easy to learn, and is an open-source language for Android app development that eliminates any difficulties associated with adoption. You can apply it for Web App Development, Android development, server-side development, and desktop development. Hence, it’s a must-learn programming language for developers and programmers in 2020.

• Java


Java is commemorating its 24th birthday this year and has been among the most widespread programming language utilized for generating server-side apps. Java is a sensible option for generating Android apps as it can be applied to generate extremely functional platforms and programs.
This object-oriented programming language does not need a particular hardware foundation, is effortlessly flexible, and has a great level of protection. Furthermore, it is simpler to master Java in contrast to languages like C++ and C. Thus, it is not surprising that almost 90% of Fortune 500 companies depend on Java for their backend development schemes and desktop applications.
Notwithstanding its technical age, Java is astonishingly well-built and not going into withdrawal anytime presently. This presents Java as one of the most sought-after languages amidst programmers next year.

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• JavaScript/NodeJS

JavaScript (also identified as NodeJS) is a successful language amidst developers who require operating on client-side and server-side programming. It is cooperative with many other programming languages, enabling you to design animations, establish buttons, and maintain multimedia.

Due to its tremendous momentum and routine yearly updates, JavaScript is a final hit in the area of information technology. Renowned companies such as PayPal, Uber, Netflix, and many other startups utilize JavaScript to generate powerful web pages that are safe and durable. In particular, HackerRank’s 2018 Developer Skills Report says that JavaScript is the best programming ability needed by businesses today.
JavaScript is everywhere in the digital environment now. Therefore, studying this language makes perfect sense.



TypeScript, a JavaScript’s superset is an object-oriented language that was included to prolong the abilities of JavaScript. The language makes it straightforward for developers to compose and manage codes. TypeScript explains every code element comprehensively and can be utilized for producing great applications with stringent language and fewer mistakes.
Moreover, it is well-built and simple to learn. Its extensive toolbox speeds up app development. Due to the advantages it presents, TypeScript is presumed to succeed JavaScript in 2020, making it among the most desired programming languages in the prospect.

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• Go

Go is somewhat a brand-new system-level programming language that has a comprehensive glossary and easy scoping practices. It combines the most beneficial features of practical object-oriented and programming styles. Go is growing fast as a new programming language on Github, followed to substitute languages such as C++ and Java.
A Stack Overflow study exhibits that Go is the fifth most favored language amongst developers now. This is because Go resolves problems like sluggish organizing and performance in extensive dispersed software systems. This speed benefit has made Go a significant element of the cloud foundation. So, if you are preparing to accomplish a serverless system, Go is surely for you.

• Swift

Swift is a general-purpose organized programming language produced by Apple that allows developers to work with an easy and extensive language. It is profoundly affected by Ruby and Python, which is quick, reliable, and easy to learn. Owing to its adaptability and effective applications, Objective-C has given away its position to Swift as the principal language for applications related to Apple.
Moreover, because Swift is supported by Apple, its reputation and community maintenance is improving. In particular, research of the top apps on the App Store revealed that 42% of apps are now utilizing Swift.
Coders with limited or no experience can utilize Swift Playgrounds to study the language, explore complicated codes, and work on their native macOS and iOS apps. The programming language of Swift presents numerous possibilities for fresh programmers, enabling them to flourish in the world of Web App Development.
There is an enormous demand for iOS apps in the market today and you unquestionably want to take part in it. If you are looking at this rising market, Swift is the language you should master next year.

• C#

Attempting to define a single one from the table of best coding languages to learn in the forthcoming years, it is important to understand all the potential problems. Every one of them has its stipulations and can be beneficial for specific kinds of web developers. Regarding C#, it is necessary to suggest that it is among the most popular and highly-used coding languages produced by Microsoft.
The general-purpose and multi-paradigm resolution was applied for the construction of a vast amount of Microsoft applications. Homogeneity and efficiency of use were the foremost advantages of C# developers, and it delivers alike to English. Mastering the coding language will not be extremely challenging and will not consume a lot of time; while a complete variety of innovative possibilities will be presented, extending from mobile apps up to Web App Development.
Angry Birds, the successful game recognized and enjoyed all over the world, is among the most famous example of an application processed in C#.

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Due to WordPress, PHP continues to be particularly successful and generally accepted. Encompassing 80% of the topmost 10 million social media and additional websites utilize PHP as the programming language. Wikipedia, Facebook, and Yahoo are representatives of the best application of PHP for the growth of enormous websites for social networking and search engines.
This language does not impose stringent commands on how to create special features; alternatively, it is defined by extraordinary versatility in the method of problem-solving. PHP is among the topmost programming language utilized by freelancers to produce high-level content. Therefore, if you are a web developer, training in PHP is necessary for a prosperous career.

• Ruby

Being among the most preferred and enjoyed coding languages around today, Ruby highlights user-friendliness and the latest uniformity of practice. A Ruby programming code that is well-written looks comparable to a conventional English sentence, though its performance and functionality are much more satisfying. The profession as a Ruby developer is an exceptional option, as it is well-paid and gratifying for any programmer. A web developer receives an excuse to reveal real achievements such as Amarok and other applications already coded within Ruby.

Almost all coders have an unquenchable appetite for mastering new languages. The only way to prioritize learning a programming language is to understand why they are gaining popularity and how it can help you grow your career. Utilize the knowledge bestowed in this post to obtain a well-read resolution on this subject.

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