What Are The Ways To Reduce The Cost Of Your Mobile App Development?

Cost Of Your Mobile App Development

The high mobile app development cost can give you a headache. Top software development companies still charge more than the budget you have thought for your app. Often time, a business in need of an app has no choice but to go with the situation. If you too are struggling with the high mobile app development cost, this post is just for you!

Let me put the first thing first! You would learn about a lot of hidden fees when it comes to developing an app and start paying developers for it. The fees are high because of the involvement of unwanted designing processes with the app project. They can be cut off. And to do so, you would need to focus more on the UI and cross-platform development technologies. Undisputedly, mobile app development is still an expensive undertaking. We can easily spot many SMBs that are not capable of affording the development cost and thus do not even think of it.


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Though, the mobile app development cost can be minimized. You can begin it by considering multiple platforms and types of devices supported by your app. There are hundreds of types of devices with diverse screen-seizes and resolutions, hardware-configurations, performances, security features, and several other things.

This type of diversity adds more to the cost of app development. But as mentioned above, these costs can be reduced by considering the following tips:

Design before build

As seen in many cases, businesses directly rush to developers and tell them about their idea. This is how a development company starts creating an application. Developers then create sketches for the interfaces and plan the workflow. They are early processes, but they too require a part of cost investment. The development company charges for every single thing it draws in your sketch and will continue to do that till the design is not passed by you.

Because it’s your app idea, its design will already be in your mind. Now, when the idea of an app and its design is already in your mind, you can cut considerable designing-costs by creating mockups/wireframe designs on your own and continue working on them until they do not satisfy you. The only thing it will cost you be your time and brainstorming, but by going through this way, you will save noteworthy costs to be paid to developers.

You can even try several free UI sketch tools available online and create initial designs for your app.


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Concentrate on what’s important

There are some cases in which new businesses adopting mobile app development try to mimic the PC software design or stuff their apps with features having little or no relevance with the core product idea.

This fashion should be avoided because when you launch your app for the first time, do not add every function and functionality in your mind to it. Keep your app limited to only those features and functions that accomplish the key goals of your app. When you follow this approach, your development will turn out to be less complicated and need less investment.

You can also enter the market with a minimum viable product (MVP) to limit features and functions to the key ones only. Avoid adding those features and functions to your app that do not directly contribute to its key operations. With an MVP, you can rapidly bring in your app to the market at a low investment of the money.

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Apply cross-platform app approaches

Businesses need such apps that support multiple devices so that the maximum number of users can reach them, but to own this sort of app, they will need to spend more than enough funds. If they choose to go with native app development technology then they will need multiple-OS versions of a single app.

But if they choose the cross-platform approach and prefer HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript, then they can implement their app ideas at a low cost and in a minimum time period. With a single code base, they can launch an app for multiple operating systems.

Don’t reinvent which is already available

Now, mobile app development technology has reached the level where a lot of features have already been created and many of them are available for free. Developers are able to freely source the prebuilt templates, third-party plug-ins, and also, third-party adapters for back-end systems. These things are available online – either for free or for an insignificant price. Using them significantly lowers the cost of the development.

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