Why Drupal Is Considered One Of The Best CMS?

drupal best CMS

What is Drupal?

Drupal is a free, open-source software that can be used to create and manage various kinds of websites. This application has a content management system and a development framework. Moreover, Drupal is one of the most flexible cms in the market.    

Drupal is free to download and anyone can change and extend the platform. Drupal can be used for various kinds of sites such as blogs, personal or corporate websites, portals, forums resource directories, social networking websites, etc. 

Moreover, it includes comprehensive content management features, including the ability to create new content types and import content from other sources. 

Features of Drupal

Highly scalable 

It implies the ability of Drupal towards managing the largest and high traffic sites in the world. Famous websites like Grammy.com and weather.com use drupal just to make sure that scalability grows as traffic and content grow. 


Drupal can easily create responsive websites that offer optimal visitor experiences irrespective of the devices they are operating on. 

Integrated digital applications

Drupal has the amazing capability of easily integrating with several business applications. Hence, with drupal, you can use the best set of tools right this moment and can flex with new tools tomorrow. 

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Simple content authoring

Drupal comes with various tools like WYSIWYG editor for content creation and publishing. 

Flexible content architecture

With drupal, you get freedom about whether you want to create the right content architecture using Admin interface or do it programmatically. It helps you to display only the content which is appropriate for each context with powerful display mode tools and views.


Drupal allows you to Manage several websites across your company, brands, geographies,  and campaigns on a single portal that permits quick, simple site creation and deployment. 


Drupal makes it quite simple to create and manage websites for several regions and geographies. Moreover, it supports multiple languages across the world.  

New Theme Engine

Drupal 8 comes with a brilliant looking, unique theme engine called Twig. It is based on PHP which is an easily accessible backend language. Moreover, it is quite flexible, fast and secure. 

Better Support for Accessibility

Drupal 8 has excellent support for industry-standard accessibility technologies such as WAI-ARIA. Drupal 8 has several significant improvements. Some of these are ARIA Live Announcements API and Tab Manager. These advancements offer good control for rich internet applications. 

Drupal 8 comes with various other new advancements such as bells and whistles like font sizes, tweaked color contrasts, jQuery UI’s autocomplete and modal dialogs. 

Fast Loading Speed

Drupal 8 caches all the entities and only loads javascript whenever required. When a single page is viewed, its content is not reloaded again. Moreover, content which was viewed previously was loaded quickly from the cache.

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Furthermore, caching is entirely automatic. You just need to configure it once.  

Industry Standards

Let’s talk about industry standards related to Drupal 8! Drupal 8 comes with recent php7 standards such as PSR-4, namespaces, traits, and top uses. Moreover, it also has various external libraries such as composer, PHPUnit, Guzzle, Zend Feed Component, and Assetic. 

Javascript Automated Testing

Since automated testing is not possible for the front end, so javascript automated testing is now possible with Drupal 8. Now, it is quite easy for Quality assurers to test the Javascript front end automatically, saving time and making continuous integration that much easier. 

Guided Tour

Now, the latest drupal 8 has come up with the descriptive text under the help link. Users can easily click and then take the tour. There are certain popups that appear and explain how all this works. 

It is really one of the most powerful features of Drupal 8 for the beginners. This user-friendly boost is quite helpful as it is making the CMS simpler for everyone to understand. 

Big Pipe in Core

With Big pipe part of the Drupal core, developers can optimize the website load performance for the end-user significantly. While this feature has nothing to do with the actual performance, it is a great feature to have since the end-user is able to see a difference in website loading times. 

Fields Galore

Drupal 8 ships with bucket loads of field types in the core and hence it has taken its content structure capabilities up a notch. 

New field types such as entity reference, link, date, email, telephone, etc. help in creating the relevant content. Moreover, you can attach fields to more content types. Also, you can create custom contact forms by attaching fields to them. 

Views Now became part of Core

In the Drupal Module hierarchy, views are at the top. The reason may lie in the fact that views are an integral part of the most website projects. Most web designers have used this module to output galleries, maps, graphs, lists, posts, tables, menus, blocks, and reports.   

Now, in drupal 8, front page and several administration pages are now Views, and users will now be able to create quick pages, blocks, admin sections, and modify existing ones easily. 

Advantages of Drupal 8 for small business

Helps in attracting a mobile audience

8th version of Drupal has everything for offering mobile users with a beautiful experience. It has been built with the philosophy of mobile-first. With Drupal 8, it becomes quite easy to create fully responsive websites. Not only this, but it also helps in creating a native mobile application. 

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Helps in giving good speed to website

Drupal 8 is designed in such a way so that it gives amazing speed to your website. The reason behind it may lie in the fact that it has flexible approaches to caching, awesome built-in caching modules and a special novelty. 

So, with drupal 8, now you don’t need to wait for website pages to load. 

New features are deployed quickly

With the help of Drupal 8, you can be open to several changes and enjoy them quickly. Deploying new features between the development, staging and production environments is now quite hassle-free. 

Helps in saving lot future upgrades

Drupal 8 comes with a considerable cost as well as time savings on future upgrades. It adopts the principles of continuous innovation and backward compatibility. 

Gives better SEO ranking with HTML5 

Since Drupal 8 supports HTML5, the newest version of the hypertext markup language. Its cleaner structure, as well as new semantic elements, make it simple for search engines get an idea about what your pages are about!


I hope that now you are quite clear about several features like fields galore, guided tour and advantages of Drupal 8.  

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