Why Successful Businesses Prefer Custom Apps Over Off-the-Shelf Products?

Custom apps

Having a robust and business-specific mobile strategy is key for modern enterprises to succeed in various business processes and sustain in the competitive environment. With the number of global mobile device users growing exponentially, mobile apps are certainly the best route to conduct business activities today.

More than two-thirds of global companies plan to invest in mobile apps. Now, there are two common ways of owning a business mobile app: customized or off-the-shelf. The one major decision about getting their own mobile apps for business owners is whether to make do with an off-the-shelf product or get a custom app crafted to their convenience.

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What Factors Tilt the Balance Toward Custom Mobile Application Development?

It has been universally realized and accepted by business owners that mobile apps are not anymore a frill but a basic requirement for running any business. Modern entrepreneurs, in the mission to achieve their specific business objectives while being able to keep up with the nuances and subtleties of business, are required to choose wisely when it comes to developing their mobile applications.

While there are certain general advantages in opting over-the-shelf apps—low upfront costs, quick deployment, and easy maintenance—there’s no guarantee that you, as an entrepreneur will find all that you look for in these products. White labeling an existing app allows businesses to begin sales directly and instantly to customers. But this option comes with the rider of a large number of limitations.

off the shelf product

The custom approach of mobile app development, on the other hand, fulfills all unique business needs while not tethering you with any constraints. The true objective of being freed from restrictions and being able to expand your business may be accomplished when you opt for a robust mobile app tailored to your needs and deployed to meet present as well as future eventualities.

The following are a few of the characteristics inherent to custom mobile app development that motivates enterprises the world over to choose it:

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1. The ability to meet specific needs through customization

Each business is unique and functions in its own ways. There are certain specific requirements that are inevitable and can be acquired only through particular channels. Not all processes and aspects of the business allow the luxury of availing pre-fabricated solutions.

With some factors, you may have to put in efforts to attain customized solutions, even if that involves difficulties. Cost and time play a vital role in getting things customized, but regardless of that, business owners may have to get it done, to fulfill their needs. By personalizing your mobile app, you stand to get functionalities and features that support what you require for running your business successfully.

2. The ability to offer personalized user experience to customers

Users’ personal experience in availing any service or acquiring any product has always played a vital role in the successful conduct of any business. It finds a huge significance in mobility solutions. User Interface (UI), the buzz word in today’s digital economy, is key in attracting and retaining customers through user experience.

The more improved user experience you offer through your mobile app, the better your chances of winning and retaining more customers. Unlike the generic UI offered by off-the-shelf applications, your exclusive mobile application that has been built in great detail and in several small stages by an efficient Custom App Development Company is sure to surpass your customers’ expectations.

Personalized apps ensure a relevant and more unique experience to users, which translates to better user engagement and consequently, increased retention. It is able to offer a user experience that is more aligned with their preferences and requirements, you are naturally increasing the chances of their continued use of your app.

3. The Factor of Intellectual property ownership

Off-the-Shelf Applications may be acquired by anybody and do not have any claim of ownership. Custom built mobile apps, on the other hand, empowers enterprises to own the source code. They are enabled to retain complete ownership of the product. Not just legal rights are assured; this allows your organization to quickly adapt to the changes that appear in the market. This is one crucial factor that decides an app’s success or failure.


4. Ensuring Device compatibility is Important

The success of a mobile app relies to a great extent on its compatibility with as many mobile devices as possible. If your app is incompatible with other devices, it may lead to loss of a section of users that may be large. With umpteen new mobile devices being released regularly, it is essential that businesses choose their targeted devices with which their apps must be compatible with.

Custom mobile app development offers the luxury of control and choice of platforms on which the apps can run. Not just that, customization enables businesses to decide about the best way of app maintenance over time, when technologies and operating systems advance.

5. Customization Facilitates Scalability for Meeting Future Development / Expansion

Longevity is one of the critical aspects that need to be considered during the development stage of a mobile app. Being adaptive to the inevitable changes in user behaviors and demands is imperative for achieving success through mobile apps.

Off-the-Shelf Apps will not suffice when it comes to future expansion. Here’s where custom-built apps lend great support by enabling modification and addition to features and functionalities to meet future needs.

6. Customization ensures increased data security

In the case of off-the-shelf mobile solutions, only common security features have been provided. These are known to anyone in the field, making the app vulnerable to threats. In custom-built mobile apps, complete data security is assured.

7. Reliable and regular technical support are assured in custom mobile app development

Regular maintenance and customer support are the key essentials for the long-term success of any mobile app. Apps require continuous updates and servicing over a period of time. As this is only possible with custom app development companies, business owners naturally tend to choose them.

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Key Takeaway

The question of whether to build or to buy is vital when it comes to creating apps that cater to your unique business needs. Custom app development proves to be not only efficient but also essential when future-readiness, competitive edge, productivity, and peak efficiency have significance. Modern business owners and start-ups pick tailored mobility solutions over off-the-shelf products for such advantages.

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