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List of UAE’s Best eCommerce Development Services in UAE | Hire Top eCommerce Developers in Dubai, UAE

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. What are the latest trends in e-commerce??

The latest e-commerce trends are as follows:

  1. Mobile Friendly E-commerce Website
  2. Payment Gateway Integration
  3. Inventory Management System
  4. Secure Checkout Processes, Customized Order Forms, and Templates
  5. Reward Points/ Coupon Codes/ Discounts for Customers etc.

Q2. How would you design an ecommerce website??

E-commerce website designing is an art. There is no exact formula or algorithm to create a successful online store. It requires knowledge of user experience, pattern recognition, and thorough testing to develop appealing yet straightforward layouts for your ecommerce website.

Q3. Do I need a mobile-friendly E-Commerce Website??

Yes, now every company, big or small, needs to have a mobile-friendly ecommerce website. As numerous people accessing the Internet through their smartphones and tablets must increase, mobile-friendly E-Commerce is a must-have for business holders.

Q4. What are the steps involved in creating an eCommerce site??

The general stages involved in creating an eCommerce site are as follows:

  1. Establishing a domain name for your E-commerce website.
  2. Designing the Site structure and Layout based on the Company goals, demographics, and audiences.
  3. Defining the Content, such as categories, products information, etc., with the help of your content writer.
  4. Writing and developing the website using the CMS (Content Management System) such as WordPress, Magento, etc., if needed with a web designing company in UAE.
  5. Adding and Setup Payment Gateway Integration on the E-commerce site to enable online payments.
  6. Setting up various marketing tools on the website to increase online visibility.
  7. Adding trust seals, discounts, coupons, etc., for growing brand loyalty.
  8. Hosting the E-Commerce Website by choosing a reliable web hosting services provider in Dubai and UAE.

Q5. How can I improve my ecommerce business??

There are various ways you can improve your ecommerce business, such as :

  1. Develop a mobile-friendly site that enables online purchases on smartphones and tablets.
  2. Optimize the base site for search engines by SEO Dubai professionals or, if needed, outsourced to an experienced inbound marketing agency in UAE.
  3. Enhance your site's functionality by adding new features such as checkout or wishlist with the help of eCommerce experts.
  4. Market your E-commerce business online using social media, blogs, and other digital marketing channels to gain more traffic and customers.
  5. Contact an SEO consultant in Dubai who can do keyword research for you and, after that, optimize your site using SEO techniques.

Q6. What are the creative ways one can increase traffic to their E-Commerce site??

There are many creative ways you can increase traffic and sales on your ecommerce website. Here we have mentioned a few of them. You can outsource any of these services by choosing an experienced digital marketing agency in UAE or hire an SEO consultant in Dubai

  1. Use coupons, discount offers, or loyalty programs to attract potential customers.
  2. Advertise your online business in newspapers, magazines, television, and radio channels using offline marketing techniques.
  3. Use search engine optimization (SEO) techniques by hiring SEO consultants in Dubai to increase the web visibility of your E-Commerce website locally and globally.
  4. Make use of social media and digital marketing channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linkedin, etc., to reach out to your audience.
  5. Use the services of a conversion rate optimization (CRO) agency to improve traffic on your site by increasing sales using A/B testing and other available techniques.

Q7. What is the best free eCommerce theme??

The best free eCommerce themes can be found on WordPress, Magento, and Shopify. These themes are available both in free and paid versions. The great thing is the support for these platforms is readily available online.

Q8. Why should I consider using a platform made specifically for an E-Commerce store??

There are many reasons why you should use a platform specifically made for an eCommerce store, such as :

  1. These platforms are user-friendly, easy to use, and support is readily available online.
  2. Platforms such as Magento, Shopify, etc., have many templates available with different designs that suit different needs.
  3. You can easily update the content on your website by yourself through the dashboard provided by the platform.
  4. These platforms make use of high-security SSL certificates to protect your data and information from unauthorized access.

Q9. What are some Ecommerce mistakes that you should avoid??

Some of the eCommerce mistakes that should be avoided are discussed below :

  1. Over-complicated Website: It is one of the biggest mistakes made by most Ecommerce businesses. Complicated websites with confusing information make visitors bounce off from your website and reduce sales and conversion rates.
  2. Poor Content Quality:  If the content on your website is of poor quality and not convincing enough, then it will reflect on sales as people looking for products or services to buy in online stores want correct information about them.
  3. No Stock Information: Another big mistake that most Ecommerce businesses make is no stock information regarding products they are selling. Updated stock information on the website is crucial.
  4. Outdated Website: If you are running an Ecommerce business, you need to ensure that your website looks up to date at all times so potential customers will revisit your site in the future and make a purchase.
  5. Lack of Communication with Customers or Unresponsive Customer Support Service. No one likes to be ignored or get poor communication. Poor customer support can turn your customers away from the website and will reduce sales in the future.
  6. Not adding social media buttons on important website pages will let you miss the opportunity to have a large traffic volume from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Moreover, it would be hard for you to share product information, discounts, coupon codes, etc.