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Your search for the top AngularJS development company ends here. SoftwareFirms has listed some of the best AngularJS developers that you can choose for your upcoming project.

Nowadays, many business owners from different industry areas are leveraging the potential of AngularJS for their demanding business requirements. However, to reap out the utmost benefits, you need experts. Trusting any random software development company can become a problem for you.

SoftwareFirms has introduced a complete list of well-recognized AngularJS development and web development companies that offer scalable and flexible Angularjs development services. This research is based on their previous clients’ reviews, industries catered, applications built, websites developed, and more.

List of 100+ Best AngularJS Development Companies | Top AngularJS Developers

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. How to Choose the Best AngularJS Development Company??

Keep the following things in your mind before you hire an AngularJS development team:

  • Conduct an Interview Session 

You have to analyze the past project managed by the programmers. The techniques, tools, and project scope need to be regulated. The initial step is to hire AngularJS developers is to see their communication skills. You would understand whether the programmers will accomplish the following four other needs with an interaction session.  

  • Have Up-Gradation in Trends  

You have to analyze the learning abilities of the AngularJS development firm. Google is launching AngularJS versions at a succession time so that the programmers can upgrade themselves. Simultaneously, JavaScript is the most utilized language in AngularJS; thus, you can pick a team knowing both AngularJS editions and Java Script. 

  • They Should Use the Latest Technologies 

AngularJS programmers have to be skilled in adopting AngularJS Development Tools. They should pick the best different tools available in the digital world for building AngularJS apps. Always remember only a well-built, advanced, and smooth application can grow your business. 

  • Understanding to Build a Single Page with Multi-Server 

You can examine the developer regarding the insight of SPA. AngularJS is widely utilized for developing a SPA. Single Page Application is a quick-rising job, and the coders will be functional and have customizable themes in seeing SPA on a single page.

Q2. What are the Advantages of Outsourcing Angular Website or App Development??

  • Reduces Development Cost 

For several years, companies have depended on outsourcing to lessen the development cost and enhance their income. It is worth perceiving that there is a vital difference in hourly rate in diverse countries.

  • High Proficiency 

Offshore firms have a team of extremely qualified developers who design appealing UI with Angular’s libraries. Besides, these Angular developers are more skilled as compared to an in-house team since they’ve operated on various projects. 

  • Execute Innovative Technologies 

AngularJS developers have proficiency in the recent front-end technologies, including TypeScript, .NET, Node.JS, and more. Using these technologies, the developers can deliver cutting-edge web services, giving them a competitive edge.

Q3. Why Should You Pick Angular for Front-End Development??

Here are a few features, making the Angular web development framework a trusted tool to develop the UI of a web application.

  • Angular is compatible with the most prominent tech-giant, i.e., Google. Several Google solutions are designed with Angular itself, which implies the organization is quite encouraging about its framework.
  • Angular is a TypeScript-based framework, which guarantees high protection and swift error exclusion.
  • Since Angular utilizes HTML rather than JavaScript to compose User Interface, you can anticipate swift development.

Q4. What Kind of Apps can you Develop with Angular??

Angular can be utilized amazingly in various kinds of apps. Here are a few of the top apps you can develop using Angular:

  • FinTech apps
  • Real-Time apps
  • Streaming apps
  • eCommerce apps
  • Networking apps
  • Microservices Architecture
  • Complicated Single-Page Apps

Q5. What are the Top Apps That Build Using AngularJS??

  • Gmail

There is no better method to determine how robust Angular is than by studying at Gmail service. An easy interface and consistent experience are the two performance measures all other sites must try to reach. More than 1.5B people enjoy the product, which is a worthy cause to provide your choice to Angular when preparing to create a vast user-oriented application.

  • Forbes

It is one of the world's most viewed sites. Developed with Angular 5, it replies to over 74 million monthly customers in the US. It includes various topics and shows how digital versions can be nearly as traditional as the magazine's first problem issued over 100 years ago.

  • Upwork

It is the other Angular apps. Upwork is a service where companies worldwide can discover freelancing experts for any job. Also, professionals from various countries can get full-time or part-time employment on a freelance basis.

Q6. How Must Time Does It Take to Develop an Angular Website or App??

Finding out how must time does it take to build an Angular site or application will rely on several factors. Some of them are: 

  • Development platform, 
  • The complexity of the design, 
  • The experience level of developer, 
  • Features and functionality, 
  • Testing and many more. 

Q7. How Much Does It Cost to Build an Angular Site or Application??

The price of an Angular application or website development relies on different factors, including app/website difficulty, the development platform, website or app categories, features you need to include, country of the programmer, and more.

Q8. What Pricing Model a Trusted AngularJS Development Company Provides??

A reliable development company understands one size doesn't suit all. Therefore, they have a collection of flexible pricing models based on the client's choices.  You can pick your chosen pricing model:

  • Fixed Cost Pricing Model
  • Time and materials Pricing Model
  • Pay as you use/Pay per unit
  • Mixed Mode Pricing Model

Q9. What Are the Key Factors that Affect Your Budget for Building an Angular Website or App??

  • Number Of Functions

Generally, it has been made apparent by the websites or apps designed by AngularJS development firm that this resolution comes with an extensive array of features. Every feature is mostly interlinked with each other; however, they are distinct in every phase. Hence, all features originally need a well-designed sequence of codes separately.

The greater the courts' number of essential functions for the website or app, the greater will be the number of coding needed to operate the solution. It will hold a straight impact on your angular application development budget.

  • Operational Storage 

Every angular site typically saves huge data. The Angular web app you need to display or host must possess at least a single part of the data via interaction. It is guided that this data will certainly need space to be saved. Estimating for this space, it's crucial to instill the idea in your cost for the angular solution.

Q10. Which company created AngularJS??

AngularJS was developed and is maintained by Google, which released the initial version in 2009. It is a popular web application framework written in JavaScript. It provides Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture, dependency injection, and an excellent testability story to build single-page applications.

Q11. Do companies still use AngularJS??

There is no doubt that ng companies like Google, Amazon, and Paypal use AngularJS and new startups like Planet OS. It is becoming more popular day by day! Talking about the current trend, it's used by more than 65,000 websites (roughly half of the top 1 million) and 6 Million developers worldwide.


Q12. What is the role of an Angular developer??

The role of an Angular developer is to develop and design single-page applications using AngularJS. The more experience you have with AngularJS, the better it will make your profile stand out from other candidates.

But there is a bigger picture for an Angular developer - they can contribute not just to a single-page application using AngularJS but also to a website using HTML/CSS or even develop mobile applications using Ionic or NativeScript.

Q13. Who developed AngularJS??

Google, as mentioned before. It was initially built by the Google employee Misko Hevery and a team of other developers at several hackathons within Google in mid-2009 and early 2010.

Q14. What is AngularJS used for??

AngularJS is most commonly used to develop single-page applications using JavaScript and HTML, although it can also build web applications.

Q15. What is the difference between AngularJS and Angular??

Angular is a complete rewrite of the original AngularJS framework. It was built to solve problems with AngularJS and takes a whole new approach to build apps.

  • The main difference between both frameworks is that while AngularJS uses MVC architecture, Angular uses components.
  • AngularJS had one-way data binding. Angular has two-way data binding.
  • AngularJS allows controllers to be defined for views; Angular does not have this concept.
  • AngularJS is very HTML-centric. Angular uses TypeScript that most developers find attractive because it makes building apps in JavaScript/HTML simpler.

Q16. What are the advantages of AngularJS??

AngularJs has several benefits, including: - If you want to build a web application that's rich in functionality, AngularJS is the framework for you. It provides an easy-to-use API and simplified HTML code syntax to simplify developers to create dynamic views using browser-based applications.

The two-way data binding of objects enables changes made on one side of the app (e.g., an input field) to be transferred to the other side (e.g., a model). - AngularJS provides several tools and functions that make it simple for developers to create tests as part of the development process. It has also been proven helpful in building innovative web applications such as Google Drive, Twitter,,, etc.

Q17. Who are the users of AngularJS??

Angular JS developers use AngularJS to develop single-page applications that require software testing and application prototyping tools. Most mobile application development companies use this framework for website subdomains or individual web applications with custom design requirements.

Q18. What is the cost to hire dedicated AngularJS developers??

The cost of hiring an AngularJS development team is somewhere between $50-$75 per hour.

Q19. Where can I find Angular developers??

The best place to find the AngularJS development team would be a freelancing website such as Upwork,, Toptal, etc.  Startups and other organizations can post their requirements on these websites to hire Angularjs developers.

You may also reach out to the SoftwareFirms; we have a list of companies that provide the best AngularJS development services.

Q20. How does outsourcing to an AngularJS development company work??

Outsourcing to an AngularJS development company work through the following steps:

  1. Post your requirements on leading freelancing websites.
  2. Hiring managers must review all proposals and shortlist Angular JS developers based on their experience in AngularJS development, communication skills, methodology of work, etc.
  3. After finalizing the list of candidates, you can analyze their online profile on LinkedIn to know more about them.
  4. After the final round of interviews, you can select the ideal candidate for your project based on their skillset and past work history.
  5. Hiring managers usually pay freelancers through Freelancing websites like Upwork or etc. The payment method varies according to the company's policies (e.g., companies with their payment gateway can pay directly to the developer's bank account).
  6. You are provided with a dedicated team for your project.
  7. Finally, you'll receive regular updates on the progress of your project until it is completed successfully.

Q21. What are some use cases of AngularJS??

  1. Chatbots based on machine learning
  2. Web-based mobile applications for Android and IOS
  3. E-commerce websites (e.g., Amazon, AliExpress)
  4. Educational portals (e.g., Khan Academy)
  5. Social networking sites (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.)
  6. Enterprise web applications
  7. Collaboration applications (e.g., Google Drive)
  8. Portals for displaying data from social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  9. Cloud-based web/mobile apps to allow users to sign in using their existing credentials from other social networking websites etc.

Q22. How long does it take for an AngularJS web development company to deliver the live project??

Depending on the client’s requirements, delivering a fully functional project usually takes around 6-8 months. However, it may vary depending on the number of pages, the complexity of design, etc.