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List of Top 50 Web Design Agencies in India | Hire Best Website Designers in India

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. Why should I hire a professional web design company??

Hiring an expert to develop & design your website will save you time and money in the long run. Apart from that, hiring a company also offers a better quality of work when compared to doing it on your own or with freelancers. Moreover, working with a design company allows you to get a design tailored to your specific needs. In short, you will get a better web solution with a professional company.

Q2. Is it easy to hire a professional Indian web designer??

Hiring the right Indian web designer can be a daunting task. So, just need to go ahead and hire the right company that meets your requirements! Here at SoftwareFirms, we simplify your search by providing you with the most relevant and reliable providers for your business needs.

Q3. Why should I choose an Indian web design company??

There are many benefits of hiring an Indian web design company. First of all, you will get a better value for money as compared to other countries. Moreover, you can also rest assured that the website keeps India’s local market in mind. Also, Indian companies are ahead of others regarding web development technologies and can tailor make a product that meets your unique requirements.

Q4. What is the price range of a good website design company??

On average, you will spend anywhere between INR 20K and INR 50K if you opt for basic e-commerce or a small business website solution. However, the pricing varies based on the company’s services and features offered on the website. So, you will have to do a bit of research and get quotes from different companies to find out the right price.

Q5. What designing approach does a web designing company follow??

In general, Website designing companies primarily follow four different approaches for their design. So, what are these approaches?

  • Unique Design Approach: This approach is a complex one that involves creating an original logo, image & graphic design that best represents the client’s product or brand. The primary purpose is to create something unique and attractive without losing the essence of the brand.
  • Minimal Design Approach: This design approach requires minimal elements and focuses on creating a beautiful yet practical design. Digital agencies commonly use it to develop sites that are clean, user-friendly, and simple.
  • Popular Design Approach: In this approach, clients choose designs from popular magazines or other sites.
  • Template Design Approach: In this approach, design companies use templates made by other designers to develop the client’s website without much effort.

Q6. Which web design is in trend??

The most popular web design trends are:

The minimalistic design focuses on utilizing the space wisely and keeping the elements needed while not being overbearing in a single area. It focuses more on typography and imagery than flashy graphics or animations, which help achieve that minimalist feel.

Responsive designs are created with mobile devices in mind. They are developed to adjust and adapt to changing conditions and offer a great user experience across all devices.

Parallax designs are becoming increasingly popular. A few years ago, parallax designs were expensive and only for high-end clients, but these days they are easily the most in-demand design styles. These designs use a simple scrolling technique that produces an illusion of depth or movement, which makes it immersive to the user.

Q7. What is the best software for web design??

The most commonly used software for web design are:

  • Wix: This is the most used and popular software in the world. It simplifies your life by allowing you to create a web presence for your small business or brand without having any knowledge of coding or design tools.
  • Adobe Dreamweaver: This software is a trendy one among designers. It has a large set of features and functionalities that makes designing websites extremely easy. It also offers customization options for the users to get what they are looking for.
  • Webflow: This is a prevalent option for professional designers. It offers functionalities that most other software lacks and can also connect with cloud storage if you already have one.
  • Squarespace: If you are looking for a professional website design but don't want to break the bank, Squarespace is the right solution. This software offers one-click installation and can be easily updated over time without marketers spending more money or hiring someone else. It has some great features and is affordable too, making it ideal for small businesses.