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Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

How much time it takes for a web solutions company to build a web software/application?

The time required by a web development firm depends on a couple of factors including -

  • App idea
  • App platform
  • App security
  • App complexity

So, while a simple web app built by a web solutions company takes up to 1 month development time, complex apps may take about 6 complete months or even more.

How Web Design differs from Web Development?

Following is the difference between the two -

  • Web Design deals with creating the basic layout and usability of a website or web app.
  • Web Development deals with building the client and server side programming using languages like .NET, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby etc.

Why Should your business have a website?

Following are the benefits of having a website -

  • Improved business outreach.
  • Boost brand credibility.
  • Better conversion opportunities.

What all kind of Web developers are available nowadays?

You can hire following types of developers these days -

  • Front End - Supposed to enhance the look & feel of website/app
  • Back End - Supposed to ensure proper working of site on server
  • Full Stack - Supposed to handle both front and back end
  • MEAN Stack: Expertise in MongoDB, AngularJS, Express, and Node.js.
  • MERN Stack: Expertise in MongoDB, ReactJS, Express, and Node.js

How should I finalize the web developer from a web solutions company for my project requirement?

Consider following points before hiring web developers. Lookout for their -

  • Overall expertise in development domain
  • Ability to understand requirements
  • Readily-available project portfolio
  • References of previous clients
  • Project status reporting scheme