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Are you looking for the best Node.js Development Company? SoftwareFirms covers the top Node.js Development Companies to help you find a trusted Node.js partner. Developing scalable network apps is the need of the hour, and a world-class elite Node.js development firm can do wonders for your business.

However, finding a trusted & top web development company is not as effortless as it seems to be. That is why SoftwareFirms have built a list of result-driven, custom software development companies offering expert solutions. You can check the Node.js company’s description, previous projects, former clients, and more here.

List of 100+ Best Node.js Development Companies | Hire Top NodeJS Developers

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. Why Outsource Nods.js Development Companies??

Several benefits make it crucial to hire a company for the best node.js development services. Here are some of them: 

  • Talent Accessibility: It's often pretty hard to access experts and professionals, even when you have a good network. If you conduct a recruitment campaign yourself, chances are it will cost you lots of blood, sweat, and tears to find the right piece for the puzzle. Plus, the harder it takes to recruit a capable one, the longer the time frame will be extended. However, with outsourcing companies, you will be connected to quality talent pools of high-level experiences and professionality effortlessly in no time.
  • Cost: Outsourcing is relatively cost-efficient. You get a bunch of experts in one place, cutting down on expenses.  Nevertheless, these firms have an aggressive benefit related to individual freelancers, explained in the following bullet point.
  • Quality: You cannot trust the abilities of freelancers. Nevertheless, with workers from outsourcing agencies, the quality is maintained since a contract's association exists. These organizations can warranty the engineers' aptitude delivered to you concerning tough and soft skills. In case you do not think like the representative they suggested, you can request them to substitute him with the other person till you are satisfied.

Q2. What are the Essential Accountabilities of Node.js Developers??

Software developers are multi-tasker, and Node.js developers are no exception.  A Node.js programmer must be skilled with various techniques and hence must take on several duties, which covers but not restricted to:

  • Adhering to Agile Practices: Pursuing the escalating significance of Agile in today's technology, Node.js developers need to be intimate with Agile development processes to make app development simpler to swallow. 
  • Precise Code Writing: The code composed shall be readable, brief, and reusable to increase awareness amongst team members and assist in raising the software's quality.
  • Front-End Development: A back-end programmer has to handle front-end growth constantly, so if you are a full-stack developer, you will certainly go rock.  
  • Security Execution: The ultimate consequence of safety in this data generation. Understanding which choices play the most influential role and knowing how to deploy them into the goods will aid programmers in saving the goods much properly the public's talent.
  • Checking Performance Problems: Though bug disclosure occurs in the tester/QA's work scope, it is still more helpful in case you hold a talent for error classification and fix it in a modern fashion. Not only it shortens the time for a project, but it even displays that you are an excellent team player.  

Database Configuration: Database is the soul of software or an app, mainly when you deliver personalized content. Knowing how to use different database management systems (DMS) such as MongoDB is required to take the product to level up.

Q3. What Does it Hire Node.js Developers??

Node.js Developer Hourly Price: As hiring alternatives have been introduced, here begins the rate/each way to have higher information for a specific decision. Let's start with freelance developers' hourly rates, as per the Codementor platform. Junior, mid, or senior Node.js developer prices are mentioned below: 


  • Region: North America 
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Junior): 41-60
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Middle or Senior): 80-120


  • Region: Western Europe 
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Junior): 61-80
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Middle or Senior): 81-100


  • Region: Australia
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Junior): 61 – 80
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Middle or Senior): 81 – 100


  • Region: Eastern Europe
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Junior): 41 – 60
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Middle or Senior): 41 – 80


  • Region: Asia
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Junior): 41-60
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Middle or Senior): 61-80


  • Region: India 
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Junior): 15-25
  • Hourly Rate, $ (Middle or Senior): 15-25


However, outsourcing companies' hourly charges vary as mentioned:


  • Region: North America
  • Hourly Rate ($): 120 – 180


  • Region: Australia
  • Hourly Rate ($): 100 – 180


  • Region: Western Europe
  • Hourly Rate ($): 51 – 100


  • Region: Asia
  • Hourly Rate ($): 30 – 42


  • Region: Eastern Europe
  • Hourly Rate ($): 25 – 50


  • Region: India
  • Hourly Rate ($): 18 – 40

Q4. What are the Tips to Hire Top Node.js Developers??

Tip #1: Define your Requirements 

Be as precise and definite as feasible while expressing your idea of your future app. It will assist you in creating a list of needs that will shorten your search to just these programmers with sufficient skills. Besides, know about the value of experience. Node.js developers should have these essential skills:

  • Knowledge of Agile and Scrum methodologies
  • Understanding of such methods as Code Review or Continuous Integration
  • The capability of writing unit & integration tests
  • Comprehension of front-end innovations
  • Proficiency in writing code

Tip 2: Search a Perfect Solution 

As soon as you identify the idea and your project's budget, now it is time to view Node.js coders' worth. There are four core alternatives you can examine:

  • Freelancers 
  • In-house employees
  • Development consulting agency
  • Utilizing the top app building tool

Tip 3: Before Choosing Node.js Developers, Review their Previous Work

If you understand what you wish to develop, ensure to examine the development consultancy or freelancers you desire to operate with if they have performed anything related to it. In case they have not, evaluate their site, their past projects, and customers. Besides, you can require them if they can display you the written suggestions.

Tip #4: Interview Node.js Web Development Company

Well, that portion may be tricky if you do not have enough understanding of Node.js. You must bring a technical expert who will interview by stating problem-resolving queries in such a scenario.

Q5. Which Companies Are Using NodeJS??

Shopify, Uber, Netflix, PayPal, Yahoo!, IBM, Microsoft Azure, and LinkedIn are among the biggest names using NodeJS today. With its quick development time and scalable capabilities, it's no wonder why it is quickly becoming one of the most sought-after technologies for application development (and business growth).

Q6. Who Developed NodeJS??

The first version of Node was released on May 28, 2009. It was created by Ryan Dahl, who's also responsible for developing CouchDB and acting as CTO of Joyent, a cloud computing company based in San Francisco that offers public, private, and hybrid cloud services. Several members of Joyent's engineering team are also key contributors to Node. This is why it's safe to say that Node is not only a project but an open-source community effort.

The Joyent team has built a dynamic language (NodeJs) to handle asynchronous events in the browser and servers. The event-driven architecture of Node allows it to take advantage of the former by being non-blocking while at the same time giving it high scalability and efficiency when dealing with many simultaneous requests.

Q7. What Is the Top Node js Development Companies??

The best NodeJS development companies have a comprehensive understanding of developing highly scalable applications in a maintainable way while building long-term partnerships with their clients based on proven expertise and performance excellence.

In short, you need a NodeJS development company that can be your long-term trusted technology partner. Here's a list of top companies that can help you make the right decisions and boost your business to the next level.

  • PixelCrayons: They are a Node JS development company working on complex problems for a long time. Customers appreciate their work for offering the best Node js development services across the globe.
  • ValueCoders: This best Node js development company has a reputation for developing software products with specific business needs in mind while maintaining scalability. They help their clients make strategic decisions and give technical expertise on NodeJS and better resources.
  • Neoteric: With outstanding performance and rich technical expertise, this mobile application development company has a good understanding of databases. They have a culture that fosters creativity and encourages people to work on new NodeJS ideas passionately.
  • Selleo: This is a top NodeJS development company with an impressive clientele list comprising different industries such as education, retail, media & entertainment, and telecom.  This company has built successful platforms for Fortune 1000 and other mid-sized companies, and they always deliver results that exceed their client's expectations.
  • Netguru: It is a top NodeJS development company with solid consulting, strategy, design & architecture. They can create a fully customized solution for your business.

Q8. Can Node js Be Used For App Development??

You can use Node js for app development, but it might not be as simple as you expect it to be. If you're familiar with JavaScript and the basics of programming, then Node js is relatively easy to learn. However, Node js doesn't have a vast array of frameworks available to facilitate app development.

One advantage of Node js is that it's very lightweight and runs on only one thread, making server-side processing quite fast. Also, developing apps with Node js doesn't require any kind of framework or plugin installation as required by some other languages.

Q9. Is Node JS Good for Web Development??

While it’s been used mostly for back-end development, that’s quickly changing—Node is sometimes also being adopted as a front-end framework by many developers. In addition to front-end frameworks, there are also support libraries and tools available for NodeJS web development.

Q10. Are Node JS Developers in Demand??

Yes, it’s true! There are many Node JS developers in the market, but they're not enough to meet demand. And when businesses start moving more of their projects over from old technologies like Ruby and Rails – things really get hectic for recruiters looking for qualified candidates.

It means that the demand for top Node js developers is getting bigger and bigger day by day. At the moment, there are many companies, such as Microsoft and Uber, that use Node JS in their projects.  So, Node JS is here to stay, and it's a good choice for creating modern web applications.

Q11. What Is The Role Of a Node JS Developer??

According to Webopedia, Node.js is built on Chrome's JavaScript runtime for quickly building fast, scalable network applications. It can be used to build both backend and frontend applications using server-side JavaScript. Node.js is becoming an increasingly popular choice among organizations looking to improve their web presence by creating real-time, data-intensive apps, minimal response times or highly scalable with minimal downtime.

Moreover, talking about the NodeJS developer role- they are responsible for building and maintaining effective solutions with Javascript (Node.js is a JavaScript framework). NodeJS developer requires expertise in the following areas:

  1. Networking and Security
  2. Javascript, HTML5, CSS3
  3. Linux or Unix-like Web Servers.
  4. REST APIs and Relational DBs.
  5. NoSQL Databases like MongoDB.

Q12. How Do I Hire a Node Developer??

If you’re planning to build a Node.js application, you should know that JavaScript was not built for heavy-duty computing tasks. Because of that, if your app requires a lot of computational power, it might be necessary to hire a Node developer as well as a front-end developer—to give your users their desired experience without taking too much time to compute results on your servers (which could make them crash).

But how do you find developers who specialize in Node development?  Here are some steps you can take to start your search:

  • Reach out to recruiting agencies specializing in data science.
  • Look for companies with extensive expertise with server-side technologies like Java and Node; Google is also a fantastic resource for finding a company with solid data technology skills.
  • Build trust among prospective candidates by offering industry connections and connections with venture capitalists or accelerators.

Q13. Is Node JS Backend or Frontend??

The question is one of the most frequently asked when talking about Node JS. So, what is the answer? Is it backend or frontend, or both? Well, it is both. Node JS runs on the V8 engine, initially developed for Chrome browser and later used in other development environments like Google App Engine. It matured into an independent platform that has become extremely popular, replacing traditional servers, sometimes even with heavyweight servers like Apache or Nginx.

The real power of Node JS lies in its ability to handle parallel requests using a single thread. Unlike traditional servers, the I/O in Node JS happens asynchronously, thus enabling it to scale up quickly even with slow clients or devices. This asynchronous handling model makes it a robust backend platform where requests can be served without waiting for a particular response from a long-running process like reading from the disk or network connection. It also enables Node JS applications to run across multiple CPU cores effortlessly.

Some of the most used & popular applications on the internet today are powered by Node JS. Sites like Netflix, Yahoo, eBay, Paypal are just a few, among many others that have moved on to Node JS for scalability and performance reasons.

Q14. Is Node JS In Demand??

Yes, it is! Node.js has recently become the “go-to” backend for many organizations looking to improve their web presence by creating faster, more scalable web applications. Node.js is an open-source Javascript run-time environment that allows you to use JavaScript on servers and your browser.

It has become so popular that the demand for Nodejs developers with experience in it is constantly growing! According to market research, the market share for NodeJs is estimated to be around $2.0 billion by 2021. So, if you have an idea for a web application and want to build it on the popular NodeJs framework - probably now is the best time to do so.

Q15. How Much Does It Cost To Hire a JavaScript Developer??

The cost of hiring a JavaScript developer varies based on location, experience, education, and several other factors. Hiring managers and recruiters often look for a wide variety of skills in JavaScript development, including:

  • JavaScript programming
  • Experience working with different frameworks
  • Knowledge of specific libraries such as jQuery, Dojo, or Prototype; and
  • Experience with specific tools like AJAX or Node.js.

Costing for JavaScript developers also varies based on the type of application they will be developing. For example, front-end development is usually less expensive than a MEAN stack application or a full-stack JavaScript solution.

Whether you are a leading entrepreneur or a bootstrapper, application development is essential for businesses. As per a survey, the JavaScript developer's standard salary in 2020 was $114,986 in the United States, and the median worldwide hourly rate is $61 to $90/hr.

The amount to choose a JS developer in Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa is 18/hr, $75, $110, and $40, respectively. There is no ordinary expense of hiring JS developers since numerous aspects impact the developer's cost.