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Looking for the best software development company in for your project? Get here a complete list of the most trusted software development companies. SoftwareFirms’ research team has finalized this comprehensive list after a thorough analysis of the custom software development companies available across the globe. Our research team has taken overall client satisfaction, technology expertise and various other crucial factors for compiling this list. Browse through the following list of software companies to choose one of the best software companies for your project. If you have a software development project to assign, you can consider assigning the same to any suitable custom software development company listed below:

List of Top Custom Software Development Companies | Hire Top Software Developers

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

How many types of software development approaches are there?

Following are the core methodologies for software development -

  • Agile - It allows quickly detecting and fixing bugs, thereby reducing risks
  • Waterfall - Traditional approach that is more time consuming and costly
  • DevOps - Involves collaboration between development & operations for speedy development
  • RAD - Involves 4 phases/stages to deliver speedy software solutions

What governs the cost of software development?

Following factors decide the cost of building software -

  • Platform type
  • Design complexity
  • Testing (if not part of services)

How much time it takes for a custom software development company to build a complete software?

Time requirement variation typically goes as following -

  • <2 months - In case of simple software
  • 2-6 months - In case of medium complexity software
  • >6 months - In case of high complexity software

How should I finalize the software developer for my requirement?

Consider the following points before hiring software developers from any of the available custom software development companies. Lookout for their -

  • Overall expertise in development domain
  • Ability to understand requirements
  • Readily-available project portfolio
  • References of previous clients
  • Project status reporting scheme

Why should I outsource software development?

By outsourcing software development, you gain in several areas like - hassle-free development, cost-savings, time saving, faster time to market etc.