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Are you tired of looking for the best Golang development companies? SoftwareFirms is here to help you with your search. We have listed down all the well-recognized and best top Google Go language companies here. 

Go contains an effortless structure and handles the issues of current languages by executing its features. This is why several businesses are going for Golang development nowadays. To help these companies make the right decision on selecting the world-class Golang Development Company, SoftwareFirms has prepared a list. It is based on several factors, including client rating, quality solutions, industries served, experience, knowledge, and more.

List of Google Go Programming Language Companies | Hire Golang Developer

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. Why Should You Pick Golang Development Services for Your Next Project??

  • Effortlessly Compiled Language: Go is a simple to read programming language as the whole specification is not quite long. Besides, it utilizes the native system code; hence, you don't need JVM or CLR to on the Go app.   
  • Cross-Platform Compilation is Simpler: The cross-platform compilation of the app turns out to be simpler when you are functioning with Go-developed scripts. It works on several machines and creates executable binaries for multiple OS having simple commands.
  • Garbage Gathering: The garbage gathering feature is commonly automatic memory management, which helps build simple interfaces and regulates memory control.
  • Best Concurrent Applications: The Golang contains lightweight threads, and Goroutines feature practicing, which it becomes simpler to operate the functions simultaneously and analyze the method of multi-threading.
  • Review Errors and Easy Deployment of Codes: Review the errors and implement the codes efficiently with the Go compiler. It changes the programs to the system codes, which are later converted to implementable files.
  • Maximum Performance and Simple Maintenance: With Go, the organizations get access to maximum performance as it lets the accumulation of complex and large programs in significantly less time with simple code maintenance.
  • Get a Rich Library: The Golang language has a good standard and rich library source comprising more fields. The language states to have a completely-functional web server.

Q2. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Golang Project??

Golang Project development expense relies on various factors, including the development platform, country of programmer, project complexity, project categories, number of features you want, country of the developer, and more.  

What is the estimated cost to hire a Go programming language developer?

Go is broadly utilized for the production of web apps or server management. However, there are minimal frameworks and APIs for web apps in this field, so it turns out to be challenging to demand a simple and fast delivery. Hence, it is crucial to hire Golang developers. Their hiring cost differs from $18/hour to about $38/ hour. 

Q3. How Long Does it Take to Develop a Golang Project??

Finding out how long it takes to build a Golang Project will rely on several factors, such as complexity of the design, features & functionality, the programmer's experience level, testing, and many more. Besides, your Golang project can be completed in 6 months or take one year, depending on your demand.

Q4. What Sorts of Apps Can You Develop with Golang??

Golang can be utilized in several applications. Here are a few of the top apps you can develop by using Golang: 

  • FinTech apps 
  • Networking apps 
  • Real-Time apps
  • eCommerce apps
  • Microservices Architecture 
  • Complex Single-Page Apps 
  • Streaming apps

Q5. Why Use Golang Programming Language for Developing Business Apps??

  • Fit for a Broad Range of Applications: Being a versatile platform, Golang is competent to cater to various industries' needs, including network programming, machine learning, media, and more.  
  • Reasonable: Golang web development doesn't need a considerable amount of funds on your projects. The apps that are built on Golang get assembled into system code. This helps to faster performance and operate as contrasted to the apps that are created utilizing other platforms. 
  • Enhances App Security: Golang Android App Development is often an innovation trending because of the platform's multiple benefits under-utilization. Golang comes with a concurrency pattern because it manages to use lesser RAM.