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Are you tired of looking for the best Golang development companies? SoftwareFirms is here to help you with your search. We have listed down all the well-recognized and best top Google Go language companies here. 

Go contains an effortless structure and handles the issues of current languages by executing its features. This is why several businesses are going for Golang development nowadays. To help these companies make the right decision on selecting the world-class Golang Development Company, SoftwareFirms has prepared a list. It is based on several factors, including client rating, quality solutions, industries served, experience, knowledge, and more.

List of Google Go Programming Language Companies | Hire Golang Developer

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. Why Should You Pick Golang Development Services for Your Next Project??

  • Effortlessly Compiled Language: Go is a simple to read programming language as the specification is not quite long. Besides, it utilizes the native system code; hence, you don't need JVM or CLR on the Go app.  
  • Cross-Platform Compilation is Simpler: The cross-platform compilation of the app turns out to be simpler when you are functioning with Go-developed scripts. It works on several machines and creates executable binaries for multiple OS having simple commands.
  • Garbage Gathering: The garbage gathering feature is commonly automatic memory management, which helps build simple interfaces and regulates memory control.
  • Best Concurrent Applications: The Golang contains lightweight threads and Goroutines feature practicing, making it simpler to operate the functions simultaneously and analyze the multi-threading method.
  • Review Errors and Easy Deployment of Codes: Review the errors and implement the codes efficiently with the Go compiler. It changes the programs to the system codes, which are later converted to implementable files.
  • Maximum Performance and Simple Maintenance: With Go, the organizations get access to maximum performance. It lets the accumulation of complex and large programs in significantly less time with simple code maintenance.
  • Get a Rich Library: The Golang language has a good standard and rich library source comprising more fields. The language states to have a completely functional web server.

Q2. How Much Does it Cost to Build a Golang Project??

Golang Project development expense relies on various factors, including the development platform, country of programmer, project complexity, project categories, number of features you want, country of the developer, and more.  The Golang project development cost can vary from as low as $20 to as high as $150 per hour.

So, it is quite tricky to give an accurate estimate of the Golang project development cost. However, if you want a custom-made quote for your Golang project, submit your requirements to your favorite software development company and get a free quote for your project.

Q3. How Long Does it Take to Develop a Golang Project??

Finding out how long it takes to build a Golang Project will rely on several factors, such as complexity of the design, features & functionality, the programmer's experience level, testing, and many more. Besides, your Golang project can be completed in 6 months or take one year, depending on your demand.

Q4. What Sorts of Apps Can You Develop with Golang??

Golang can be utilized in several applications. Here are a few of the top apps you can develop by using Golang: 

  • FinTech apps 
  • Networking apps 
  • Real-Time apps
  • eCommerce apps
  • Microservices Architecture 
  • Complex Single-Page Apps 
  • Streaming apps

Q5. Why Use Golang Programming Language for Developing Business Apps??

  • Fit for a Broad Range of Applications: Being a versatile platform, Golang is competent to cater to various industries' needs, including network programming, machine learning, media, and more.  
  • Reasonable: Golang web development doesn't need a considerable amount of funds on your projects. The apps that are built on Golang get assembled into system code. This helps to faster performance and operate as contrasted to the apps that are created utilizing other platforms. 
  • Enhances App Security: Golang Android app development service is often an innovation trending because of the platform's multiple benefits under-utilization. Golang comes with a concurrency pattern because it manages to use less RAM.

Q6. What is the estimated cost to hire a Go programming language developer??

Go is broadly utilized for the production of web apps or server management. However, there are minimal frameworks and APIs for web apps in this field, so it turns out to be challenging to demand a simple and fast delivery. Hence, it is crucial to hire Golang developers. Their hiring cost differs from $18/hour to about $38/hour.

Q7. Which company developed Golang??

Google developed Golang. Google is a multinational technology company that deals with new technologies and offers reliable solutions to clients worldwide. The purpose of the company's development of Golang is to significantly reduce its reliance on other programming languages for everyday software products.

Google has a team of programmers whose primary purpose is to optimize existing Go functions and implement new ones. They also work on creating libraries and integrating Go with existing languages used for the company's projects.

Q8. Why did Google develop Go??

Go has been introduced as a general-purpose language, a system-level programming language that includes support for garbage collection, type safety, dynamic loading, concurrency, and a dynamic type system. The language is intended to be suitable for a wide range of uses, from writing small scripts to system programming on large projects.

The language aims to be as inexpressive and straightforward as possible, avoiding many unnecessary details. Go's other goals are readability and especially "shareability" - the ease with which Go code can be distributed over a network and compiled on another machine. Go aims to reduce programming errors that lead to crashes or corrupted data using an explicit error handling model.

Q9. Is Golang free??

Yes, Golang is open source and free for use by everyone worldwide. It automatically gets updated on GitHub to keep it bug-free and up-to-date with the changing times. With this feature, teams at every corporate and startup of any size can manage their development process effectively.

It's easy to learn and swiftly becoming the programming language of choice for modern tech companies, including Dropbox, Netflix, CoreOS, Canonical,, etc.

When you choose Golang, you also access a massive list of tools to develop applications faster than ever before. This includes compilers, code analyzers, debuggers, and more.

Q10. Is Golang suitable for Web development??

Yes, Golang is suitable for web development, and it is designed specifically for the Development of scalable web applications that are distributed in nature. The language offers support for concurrency, making it easier to build high-performance multi-core programs that can scale across clouds. Golang is also designed to support cross-platform development and deployment. It offers bindings for many languages, including C/C++, Java, JavaScript.

Q11. What is the Go programming language used for??

Go is used to develop different types of software, including microservices, web services, and mobile apps. Some popular Go-based projects include Docker, Kubernetes, Apache Kafka, HashiCorp Terraform & Nomad, etc.

You can use Go for projects that require a combination of high performance and rich functionality. It's good at projects that need to be scalable, fast, easy to deploy and maintain. Also, Go's concise and straightforward code means it's quick to fix bugs if necessary.

Go is statically typed, which makes the development process more predictable compared to dynamically typed languages. With Go, you can mitigate or avoid common mistakes during coding with compile-time error checking rather than run-time checks.

Q12. What are the benefits of Golang??

Some of the benefits of Golang are as follows:

  • Better memory management: Go is designed to manage memory allocation and offers garbage collection that ensures a program's memory is used effectively. Less development time- Golang cuts down the development time, as it does not require extensive planning for object orientation and design patterns.
  • Easy integration with C/C++:  Golang provides a high-level interface that helps integrate C/C++ code with ease. This feature makes it easier to implement the Go code at any time during development.


Q13. Are Go developers in demand??

Yes, Golang developers are in demand for its dynamic features and support for lightweight programming. The job market is expected to grow exponentially as more companies hire Go Developers. According to a recent report in 2021, the number of Go developers will increase to 31.8 percent globally.

Q14. How is GoLang better than other languages??

Some reasons why Golang is better are as follows:

  • No overloading- With Go, there is no concept of method overloading, making it easier for developers to remember and type the codes accurately.
  • Built-in concurrency support- The Go language supports concurrent programming where multiple programs can run simultaneously, making it easier for developers to build highly scalable applications.

Q15. How do I hire Golang web developers or teams??

You can hire Golang developers or teams by contacting experienced Golang development companies. SoftwareFirms lists some of the best Golang development companies known for using GoLang frameworks, tools, and techniques to develop high-quality software. If you are unsure which Golang development company to hire, these companies have the experience and expertise needed to handle your project.

You will need to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with each before sharing any detailed information about the project you intend to outsource. The NDA prevents unauthorized disclosure of technical details.

Q16. What companies use Golang??

Some popular companies that use Golang include Docker, Pivotal Cloud Foundry, Uber, Digital Ocean, The New York Times, Coursera, Canonical Ltd., etc. These companies use Go for various projects: Docker uses it to build and run containers precisely and efficiently.

Uber uses Golang as part of its infrastructure stack; the Pivotal Cloud Foundry team has written thousands of lines of Go code – including service brokers – which brings microservices to Cloud Foundry.

Q17. Are there any Golang frameworks??

Yes, there are several popular Golang frameworks to build web applications, including

  • Martini: It is a powerful package for quickly writing modular web applications/services in Golang.
  • Gin Gonic: Gin is an HTTP framework written with more emphasis on simplicity and minimalism than object-oriented programming.
  • Beego: Beego is another lightweight and fast Go framework that comes with built-in support for RESTful APIs, mux, and middlewares.

Q18. Which Golang framework should I use??

Suppose you are looking for a Web application framework using Go. In that case, we recommend using Martini or Gin Gonic as they take care of important stuff like routing and security, leaving the developer to concentrate on the application’s primary function.

However, if your app is somewhat complex with many models, services, and dependencies to manage, you might want to look at Beego or Revel, which are more opinionated frameworks.

Q19. Where can I find Golang developers??

You can find Golang developers on different freelancing websites, including,,, etc. Besides, the other option is reaching out to SoftwareFirms to view a list of experienced Golang Development companies.

Also, you can try to find Golang developers in your own country. For this, you can use LinkedIn or Facebook groups of Software Developers to find the best candidate for your project. Simply create a post with details about your project and wait for someone interesting to contact you.

Q20. What does a Golang developer do??

Go developers are experienced developers who work on the Go language to build high-quality software systems for different business applications. They use their expertise to implement the latest frameworks, tools, and techniques that deliver better performance and functionality.

Q21. How do I hire a Golang developer??

Hiring a Golang developer is a time-consuming process and requires extensive research. The first step of hiring a Go Developer is understanding the requirements and ensuring that applicants meet all the criteria. Once you narrow down on a few candidates, it is better to set up an interview to discuss the project and expectations from the candidate in detail. Hiring a Go developer is not easy, but it is worth the effort to build great apps.

Q22. Is Golang better than C++??

Golang is preferred over C++ primarily because of the following factors:

  • It supports garbage collection, which eliminates most memory management issues.
  • There are built-in libraries that make it easy to build highly scalable apps.
  • Golang provides better support for object orientation.

Q23. Is Golang better than Python??

Both Golang and Python are popular languages that offer dynamic features for building scalable apps. However, Golang scores over Python because of the following reasons:

  • The former is better structured, which makes it easy to follow good coding practices like readability.
  • It has built-in libraries that make it easier to develop complex applications.
  • The concurrency support offered by Golang makes it easier to create multithreaded applications.