Top ReactJS Companies

Are you looking for a Top React js development company for developing a successful web app for your business? SoftwareFirms has prepared a well-researched list of the best Reactjs development companies, having years of experience delivering excellent solutions.  

The popularity of ReactJS is enormous in the market. Today, several custom software development companies are claiming to be proficient in ReactJS development services. Although all web development companies are competing for supremacy, not everyone can be the best. 

To help businesses in their search to pick a trusted mobile application development company to hire efficient Reactjs developers, SoftwareFirms carried a precise evaluation of 3 essential criteria; quality, ability, and reliability of each associating with ReactJS development company.

List of Top ReactJS Companies

ZAPTA Technologies

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ZAPTA Technologies is a software design and development company also known for its customized and innovative solutions.... Read more

Team 50 - 249 Employees
Rate $25 - $49/hr
Location Lahore, Pakistan 54792.
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Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd

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Positiwise Software Pvt Ltd provides end-to-end software development solution which accelerates digital growth of your b... Read more

Team 50 - 249 Employees
Rate < $25/hr
Location Ahmedabad, India 380015.
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Techila Global Services

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Techila Global Services is a leading Salesforce development company you can trust. More than a decade of experience in t... Read more

Team Freelancer Employees
Rate N/A
Location Pune, India 411028.
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Suruche Tech

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Suruche Tech is a top-rated and trusted IT Solution provider. It was established in 2016 to assist you with accomplishin... Read more

Team Freelancer Employees
Rate N/A
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Spring Digital

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The Spring team consists of over 25 experienced professionals based in Sydney and across the globe, so operating at scal... Read more

Team 10 - 49 Employees
Rate $200+
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Techverx is a Custom Software Development company in USA providing services to Startups, Enterprises, and Businesses. Fo... Read more

Team 250 - 999 Employees
Rate $25 - $49/hr
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Pharma Coders

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Since 2017, we, the team of pharmacoders, provide full-fledged mobile and web app development for the entire healthcare... Read more

Team 10 - 49 Employees
Rate N/A
Location Noble Park North, India 380009.
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Pursuit Technology

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Pursuit Technology are specialists in empowering people, processes and technology, by building functional software from... Read more

Team 10 - 49 Employees
Rate $100 - $149/hr
Location Austria 2602.
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The Gray Bear

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The Gray Bear is a stellar-performing design and development agency based in the US. We are the globally leading choice... Read more

Team 50 - 249 Employees
Rate $25/hr
Location Austin, United States 78731.
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Q1. Why Should You Outsource React.js Developers?

The benefit of React.js is challenging to exceed. For this reason, hire React.js developers that can help your business grow is crucial. Here are some reasons to choose a react.js development firm: 

  • Wider Expertise pool

With outsourcing, you are not restricted to a particular geography. This implies that if your nation's tax rates are extremely high or there are no proper specialists in your region, you can resolve this issue by increasing your search. 

Plus, relying on your circumstances, you can select an individual programmer or a complete team of developers, business analysts, managers, and more. 

  • Scaling Flexibility 

The competition can be inconstant when it comes to technology, leaving you uncertain what your project will need from daily. 

For instance, a fresh opportunity may appear, and you need to boost the development with more specialists. Nevertheless, hiring new skills amid a project is not simple and can block the complete workflow if it takes too long. 

Simultaneously, you may notice you overvalued the project and hired more programmers than required. Hence, asking users to leave might be challenging. Outsourcing provides you more adaptability when it is about project scaling. You can quickly scale your React.js partner up and down with no aftermath. 

  • Cost-effective

Developing an in-house team of React.js developers will not benefit your pocket — consider office rent, hiring and onboarding expenses, electricity bills, and more. Selecting a tailored offshore React development team is much more reasonable. Moreover, outsourcing overseas can lower your development expenses even more.


Q2. How to Hire the Best React.js Developers for Your Project?

  1. You need to focus on the team's experience. They should have experience in using React and built numerous single-page applications (SPA).
  2. Secondly, they should follow the recent trends and regulate changes in React interface. Expertise in using advanced tools and libraries can be a tremendous advantage as well.
  3. Check the reviews of their previous clients to know about their proficiency better. The higher the number of happy clients is, the more trustworthy the company is. 

Q3. What are the Technical Skills a ReactJS Development Company Should Have?

  1. Good knowledge of pure JavaScript;
  2. Experience in operating with some modern technologies, including Backbone JS, Angular, Vue, for a precise understanding of React's potential;
  3. Awareness of various architectural patterns supported by React and state administrators based on the Flux strategy;
  4. Background familiarity with adjacent innovations like Node, HTML5, Redux, Webpack, Babel, and a few of the CSS preprocessors (SASS, LESS, Styled-Components, CSS-Modules);
  5. Understanding of Jest for test coverage;
  6. Proficiency in React Native;

Q4. What are the Top Interview Questions to Hire a React.js Web Development Company?

To assist you in hiring a React.js development agency faster, utilize these core questions to ask through the interview:

  • How many years of experience do you have in React.js development?
  • Can I see your previous work?
  • How many days will you take to complete my project?
  • Can I talk to some of your old clients?
  • Will you complete the project within the deadlines? 
  • What process do you in React.js development?
  • Is there any hidden cost that you will charge later? 

Q5. Why is React.js Popular among Businesses?

  • React is extremely performant. React.js uses a robust conciliation algorithm named Virtual DOM, which is utilized to analyze the prevailing page composition with the proposed page structure and upgrade the appropriate elements as early as your data modifications;
  • It is scalable. React utilizes one language for mobile applications, server-side and client-side;
  • React.js is stable. It is backward compatible, implying it increases its interface seldom or never. This lets legacy projects be updated to the most current edition of React.js without altering the codebase or by doing some trivial tweaks;
  • It is flexible. React.js can be effortlessly mixed with various state managers (For example, Alt, Reflux, Flux, or Redux,) and enables the application of different architectural patterns;
  • React is component-based and enables the production of encapsulated elements that maintain their own state and makes them create complicated UIs;

Q6. Are React Developers in Demand?

React JS is perceived as the most widely utilized JavaScript library. As per SimilarTech, it's being utilized on over 90,000 sites. Along with its expansion, the need for remote React.js development services and React developers have been growing too.

Q7. Which Company Developed React JS?

The company that developed React JS is Facebook. The company uses the core development team and the developer community to help extend and improve React JS. Its first version was released in 2013. Before React JS was released, Facebook had a user interface toolkit called XHP. The company developed React JS because it wanted to move away from the server-generated HTML and JavaScript of XHP.

React uses a component-based approach that enables developers to break down large web applications into smaller and reusable components. This makes code more maintainable, testable, and reusable in the long run. React also provides a robust platform for building a user interface (UI) with its declarative model. It allows developers to describe how the UI should look based on state changes rather than imperatively controlled elements.

Q8. Is React JS Used for App Development?

Yes, reactjs is used for app development. The core benefit of using React JS for an app is that it can create reusable UI components. This, in turn, makes the entire process of app development faster and cheaper since developers don't need to write custom code every time they work on a new component. Some popular apps built with ReactJS include Instagram, Netflix, PayPal, Facebook (also developed by React), and others.

Q9. Who Is the Best React Developer in The World?

There is nothing like the best React developer globally since developers are ranked based on different criteria like years of experience, peer reviews, contributions to open source projects, and so much more. However, one person who comes up tops every time is Dan Abramov. He is an engineer at Facebook (where he developed React), an international bestselling author, speaker, teacher, and contributor to the open-source community.

Besides, Dan has received several awards for his outstanding contribution to the React JS app development community. One of them is the JS(f) award, which was given to him by TJ Holowaychuk in 2013 for his work on developing the Redux library.

Q10. Where Can I Hire a ReactJS Developer?

You can hire the best React JS developer by posting job listings at freelancing sites or recommending your friends to start-ups looking to hire React developers. You can also post a job listing at the React JS forum and let the community know about it so you can get recommendations from fellow developers in the community who might want to work with you.

However, we at SoftwareFirms offer you the list of the Top ReactJS development companies, PHP development companies, Node js development companies globally. Feel free to contact these companies and negotiate your terms with them directly, so you get the best deal possible without any agents acting on your behalf.

Q11. How Much Does a React Developer Cost?

The cost for hiring React JS developers varies from company to company, and it also depends on your location, the number of years of experience they have, and the size of your team. On average, React developers with 5-7 years of experience can charge you anywhere from $60-80 per hour.

However, companies with the best talent pool of React developers can offer you a quote that is 20-30% below market rates. You can get in touch with some of these companies through the list we provide on our website.