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Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. How Mobile Apps Affect Business and Marketing??

Mobile Applications have become a widely used way to interact with customers and provide the best possible experience. With the preceding half of the world's population owning smartphones, mobile apps continue to influence almost everything we do in our daily lives.

Plus, apps can be used for many purposes, such as marketing your business or product, gathering valuable insights from customer behavior, push notifications, news updates, coupons, deals alerts, etc.

Q2. What are the Main Reasons for Having a Mobile Application??

There are five main reasons that businesses have a mobile app these days:

  • Customer engagement and retention. Customers are attracted to apps they can use on the go, whether ordering food, reserving tickets for an event or checking in at an airport – enhanced customer experience is key!
  • Easier communication. When you have more space to communicate with your customer, you can provide better service.
  • Data for analysis and insights. A mobile app will allow you to gather data on customers' behaviors and preferences to analyze and improve marketing strategies.
  • Higher ROI of marketing campaigns. Mobile apps are an inexpensive way to reach a massive number of customers.
  • Boosting sales and conversions. Having a mobile app is the best way to provide this valuable information on the go for increased sales.

Q3. What are the most common questions that business owners ask before building their own app??

Here are the most common questions that businesses owners have when developing an app for their business:

  • How long (days, months) does it take to build a mobile app?
  • What is the cost of app development?
  • What features should be included in the app?
  • Is there a difference between making iOS apps vs. Android apps?

Q4. What key features should a business app have??

A business app that is user-friendly, secure, and interactive would be a real success. Apart from this, if you want to increase your online presence and attract more users, you need an app that can showcase your company's products and services with rich graphics. So, to keep users engaged and interested in your app, it is essential to provide features such as:

  1. Push notifications: Send personalized notifications to users related to the products, services, and deals.
  2. Social integration: Let users share their experiences on social media networks with one tap and connect them with potential customers.
  3. Geo-location tracking: Use the GPS feature in a user's smartphone to track their location and offer special offers or coupons near their vicinity.
  4. In-app messaging: Let users communicate with you more efficiently by using the in-app chat feature.
  5. Mobile payment processing: Allow your customers to purchase products and services from your app without entering their card details manually each time.

Q5. What are the effective mobile marketing strategies??

If you are thinking of promoting your customized mobile app and engaging more users, it is essential to implement effective mobile marketing strategies. These include email campaigns, social media promotions, running a blog about your business, etc. While opting for these strategies, it is essential to remember that mobile phones are personal devices and should not be treated as an open platform. It means you must ensure that your users' data is safe before doing anything else.

Q6. What are the challenges in developing a customized app??

While building a custom app, companies need to remember that it is not so easy. There are several challenges involved such as:

  • Developing an app costs a lot of time and money.
  • If you require regular updates or changes on your app, the process and cost will increase significantly.
  • Building a successful mobile app is not a one-time activity. You will need to add new features regularly to maintain the interest of users and keep them engaged.

Q7. How hard is it to create an app??

It is hard to tell how difficult or easy it is to create a mobile app without knowing the requirements and development environment. However, for small businesses with low budgets, there are several third-party solutions such as:

  • TheAppBuilder
  • Mobile Roadie
  • Good Barber
  • AppMachine
  • Appy Pie
  • GameSalad
  • BiznessApps

Q8. What are the most common mistakes made by App Developers??

Most Android application developers make the following mistakes while developing their applications:

  1. Inappropriate and inappropriate background processes that drain device battery power or occupy system memory. It is better to handle these things in a foreground process because it can be killed when its tasks are over instead of the background process, which keeps running in the background even if you close the app interface.
  2. Failure to follow a proper release process and testing procedures.
  3. Failure to prioritize features of an application similar to the function available in other competing applications. With this, you end up building something that has already been done by someone else instead of focusing on things that are unique for your app and important for your business model.
  4. Not creating an app that caters to user preferences as per their feedback and ratings.

Q9. What is App Localization? How important is it in Android App Development??

App localization refers to the process of making your applications available for users in their native language and all local languages so that more people can use them without any difficulty. It is essential for Android app development because many smartphones use their native language to interact with mobile applications. Therefore, it would be easier for them to understand the content and features of your application if you make it available in their native language.