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If you are looking for the best PHP development company, then look no further. SoftwareFirms has come up with a list of the most reliable and top PHP development companies. PHP is the most favored option for software and web development since it is a robust platform that assists in developing feature-rich solutions. 

However, to have a personalized and highly effective solution, you must choose the best PHP programmers. With hundreds of PHP developers available in the market, finding a well-recognized PHP application development company is like exploring for a needle in a haystack. 

Our experts have researched the top PHP development companies and positioned them based on their cost of services, portfolio quality, location, client reviews, experience, and other criteria.

List of Top 100+ PHP Development Companies | Best PHP Developers Available

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. How to Choose the Best PHP Development Company??

Step 1: Review the Company Portfolio

The company portfolio helps you know several things about top software development companies, like their capacity to finish a massive project, previous projects handled by them, their area of expertise, and more. Besides, it provides you a clear idea of whether the first is suitable for you or not. Ensure the partner you have finalized must hold an outstanding portfolio in PHP.

Step 2: Check Their Website

Have you gone to the website of your PHP web development company? A PHP development firm must possess an excellent website. If they hold a team of skilled PHP developers who understand how to work with PHP codes, their site should be appealing and accurate.

These coding specialists strive constantly to display their talents on their company site. Therefore, review various PHP development firms’ websites. Recognize their features, content, looks, animations, functionalities, user-friendliness, graphics, and compare them.

Step 3: Go Through the Testimonials

Recommendations are nothing but a consideration of user satisfaction. The positive review from past consumers assures you that the PHP website development company serves world-class solutions to its customers. Check all the testimonials deliberately, and try communicating with them to get an opinion regarding how much work satisfaction the organization gives to its clients. An alleged company’s site leverages positive testimonials and reviews.

Step 4: Notice their Total Work Experience

This significant step will allow you to decide whether a firm is competent enough to finish your project within the deadlines. If an agency holds good experience in PHP development services, you can conveniently depend on that agency. Examine the connection of how experience associates with user satisfaction with this formula:

More Experience >> Wider Skills >> More Reliability >> More Satisfaction

Step 5: Ask the Strategies They Function On

Every agency has its unique style of functioning. Inquire them regarding the methods they work on. They are nothing but the methods they pursue. As soon as the project is established, request them for the milestones and workflows of the project. They should utilize the recent and most innovative PHP frameworks and JS while performing website development. 

Step 6: Check Your Budget and Request a Quote

After completing the steps mentioned above, create an ultimate choice by reviewing their hourly rates and service cost. The organization must fit in your budget without negotiating on the quality.

Q2. What are the Core Benefits of PHP??

PHP is a server-side language that permits the formulation of highly dynamic and interactive sites. It has various benefits. Here are some of the most crucial of them:

  • Versatility

It’s feasible to build web solutions with PHP— from the most uncomplicated sites to the most complex ones. Besides, it functions on all present platforms (Mac OS, Unix, Windows, and Linux) and supports numerous SQL engines and databases like ODBC, Oracle, and Postgres.

  • Open Source Language

PHP is free to use. This is why the reason why there are many who are using it; hence, it is always effortless to find specialists for your project. Moreover, PHP development is an affordable option as there is no need to spend on the technology.

  • Custom Development

It’s pretty evident that website development investment can generate the outcomes you assume solely if a site or web app suits your business requirements. With PHP, your wishes are not restricted by any predefined alternatives, so you can develop whatever you wish.

  • High Processing Speed

PHP lets for the relatively high processing pace and, so, websites developed with PHP load quicker than sites created with some other programming language. How crucial is this? According to Google Research, 53% of Internet users leave a site if its loading time passes 3 seconds.

  • Scalability

Scalability is one of the most crucial features of any solution these days. Because, no matter if you hold a new startup or established company, it’s vital that your business expands and increases. And PHP provides you with such a possibility as its solutions can handle growing traffic and increase if required.

Q3. How Much Does a PHP Website Cost??

The cost of your PHP project depends on several factors, including:

  • Complexity & variety of features and functions
  • Design features
  • Number of services
  • Frameworks and technology
  • Level of expertise
  • Experience of the team,
  • PHP coders' country and more.

At the time you pick a custom PHP web developer of a developing country, it perhaps costs you around $5000. However, if you choose a web developer from a developed nation, it may begin from $10,000$30,000. Once the design, development, and release of the product are done, it is crucial to keep regulating and sustain the website.

Q4. What Are The PHP Tools For Developers??

Tools are essential to any developer. If you desire to perform effectively, you should have the crucial tools in your pocket so that you can take your productivity to a new height. Here are some fantastic tools for PHP developers:

  • PHPStorm: PHPStorm is one of the finest tools for PHP coders. It helps you write faster, smarter & better code with a comprehensive feature-set that includes debugging, refactoring, unit testing, version control, and more.
  • NuSphere PhpED: A complete IDE for PHP with tooling to boost your coding productivity. You can directly edit and debug PHP scripts, while its clever code editor increases your efficiency utilizing smart autocomplete, error checking, refactoring, and more.
  • Zend Studio: Zend Studio is one of the popular PHP development environments; it contains an application for almost every task in the life cycle of Zend Framework. You can do everything that you require while coding, like debugging, unit testing, profiling & tuning, and more with this tool.
  • Netbeans: One of the best IDEs for PHP development, Netbeans is a free tool with comprehensive tools and resources to help you get better. It offers support for all major languages like Java, JavaScript, PHP, and HTML5; furthermore, it brings sophisticated code assistance for improving your productivity.
  • Aptana Studio: One of the most popular free open-source PHP IDE for your web application development. It lets you work with the most potent tools to compose faster, resolve bugs quickly, and offer great support for AJAX, JavaScript & jQuery.
  • Sublime Text: Sublime Text is special software that offers a unique experience to any developer. Besides, it has a simple interface, allowing you to focus on the code. With this tool, you can install plugins for almost every purpose, from debugging your PHP scripts to React & Angular JS development.

Q5. Which Is The Best PHP Development Company??

This is a question we've heard with greater frequency as of late, which makes sense, as PHP development has seen an enormous surge in popularity over the last few years as more and more companies begin to acknowledge its benefits as a framework for website development. To answer this question, we'll look at some of the critical factors that play into selecting a company that can get the job done for you, such as price, experience level, and type of work.

Now, some of the  top companies to consider are:

  1. Valuecoders(web & mobile application development company)
  2. BairesDev
  3. PixelCrayons
  4. Vardot
  5. DevSquad
  6. Kultprosvet
  7. AnyforSoft

Q6. Which Company Created PHP??

PHP was created by a Danish/British programmer, Rasmus Lerdorf, in 1995.

While working on a project for the University of Copenhagen's Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Rasmus was looking for a platform-independent scripting language that would be relatively easy to use and free from the licensing fees associated with other languages at the time. In 1994, he began work on a set of Perl scripts that would later become the first release of PHP. The acronym originally stood for Personal Home Page Tools but was changed to the recursive PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor shortly afterward.

Q7. Which Big Companies Use PHP??

PHP is currently in use on over 240 million websites. Plus, it is the most commonly used server-side programming language powering everything from personal blogs to corporate giants like Facebook.

PHP has become so widespread that even large corporations now use PHP development services for custom projects and general maintenance and upkeep of their current code bases. Some of the big companies that utilize these services include:

  1. Facebook
  2. Wikipedia
  3. Youtube 
  4. Yahoo!
  5. Instagram 
  6. Etsy 
  7. Twitter 
  8. WordPress

Q8. How Much Does It Cost to Hire a PHP Developer??

This is another question that we hear a lot. The short answer would be: It depends. Ultimately, a company's pricing will depend on several factors, such as the developer's experience level and the amount of time it takes to complete your project. While prices can vary from one company to another, most developers are within the $50-60/hr range.

Q9. Is PHP Used for Software Development??

Yes. PHP is most commonly used for backend web development, but it can also perform several other functions. This makes it a popular choice among small and large businesses and organizations because of its flexible functionality and relatively low cost compared to other languages such as Ruby on Rails or Microsoft's .Net Framework. An excellent example of PHP's flexibility can be found in its use for powering desktop applications.

Q10. Are PHP Developers in Demand??

The answer to this question (PHP developers in demand?) would have to be yes. The continued growth of the internet has driven an increase in demand for web development professionals in general, with PHP continuing to enjoy immense popularity in recent years due to its low cost, ease of use, and proven track record in web development. The latest version of PHP (Version 7) is now the most popular, used by 68.1% of all websites that use it!