Top 100 SEO Marketing Companies & Services

Have you left no stone unturned to get the list of top SEO companies and still not found them? Don't bother anymore; your wait is now over.

We at SoftwareFirms will help you with the list of best SEO marketing companies. Moreover, we have scanned all SEO agencies and researched deeply to deliver you the best search engine optimization companies in the market.

It's challenging to find the best SEO service company out of many available in the market. You can not rely on the flattering firm to deal with your problems and not provide solutions as per your needs.

So, to make your valuable efforts fruitful, we have compiled the below list of top SEO companies based on market experience, clients reviews, completion of successful projects till now, industries served, awards & accolades, and hourly rates. You can pick out any of them as per your requirements and budget.


List of Top SEO Companies | Best Search Engine Optimization Companies Near You

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. How much time will my site take to achieve top rankings in search engine result pages (SERPs)??

There is no exact rule to tell you your site's time to achieve top rankings in Google search engine result pages. Like, It may depend on the keywords you chose. Similarly, several factors calculate the site ranking.

If you have selected competitive keywords, it may take a long time to optimize the pages to beat the competitors.

Off-page optimization, changing and modifying the contents on your website will also take time. So, an SEO firm will help you to achieve the desired ranking.

Q2. How much does SEO cost for a small business??

The average cost of the best SEO services for small to medium-size companies is $750 to $2000 per month. Moreover, smaller companies that invest in consulting SEO services can expect to pay $80 to $200/hour.

Q3. How can I get my website to the top rankings on Google in one month??

You can quickly get your website on the top of Google by going through the following points.

  • Choose Less competitive keywords

Using less competitive keywords will help your website get to the top as your competitors less use these keywords.

  • Quality Content

Unique and engaging content assists you in taking your website to the top rank.

  • Optimization of images

Optimizing the images with the target keywords helps you take your website to the top.

  • Enhance website speed

The faster your website works, the more chances for the site to rank at the top.

  • Outbound Links

Since outbound links make the website top the ranking list, it is essential to use them.

Q4. Do we need any SEO software for optimizing search engines??

There is a couple of software that SEO companies use to make search engine optimization successful. Specific software like keyword analyzer and Google analytics are an essential part of the process. The tools reflect the quality of your work and help you measure the success of the entire process.

With some bit of practice, you can quickly learn the tools. The tools go one step further to let you understand the detailed traffic analysis of the competitors.

Moreover, In digital marketing, each step is quantified to get the best results from your marketing efforts.

Q5. Why do you need SEO for your business??

Everything is online in today's technological world. So every business has a website to reach customers through the web.

Having a website doesn't need much effort, but making a solid online presence is quite challenging. So to make a solid online presence, search engine optimization is an essential thing. And you can overcome the challenge by contacting the best SEO agency.

SEO plays an integral role in making your business popular online. Through SEO, your website ranking can go higher on SERP. Plus, your customers can access your products and services in no time on the internet.

Q6. What are the Effective SEO Techniques to Drive Organic Traffic to the site??

SEO optimization companies use multiple techniques to drive organic traffic to the site, which is the following.

  • Improve User Experience Across Your Entire Site

Improving the user experience (UX) will surely help you rank the site at the top, and you can do so by writing quality content, adding shorter paragraphs, bullet points, and focusing on white space.

  • Optimize for Voice Search

72% of people who own voice-activated speakers say that they use their devices daily. Hence you should optimize your site for voice search, and you can do so by using long-tail keywords and Structured Data.

  • Design for Mobile First

Try to make your website mobile-friendly as most people use smartphones rather than laptops or desktops, so the chances are high to rank your site.

  • Focus on Topic Clusters rather than Keywords

Google is growing, and so is its algorithm. Now Its objective is to understand the intention of its users like what they expect, what they’re looking for, and, more specifically, what search results would best help answer their query.

So, the intent of the content must be clear, and an SEO marketing company can do so by knowing Your target audience, organizing content into clusters, and doing your keyword research.

  • Write Longer Content

If you want to improve site ranking, you must focus on writing longer content. You can ask yourself what information someone would be looking for if using a keyword you’re targeting, and then you can start to create longer and engaging content.

  • Create a Diverse Backlink Portfolio

Try to create a diverse backlink portfolio as it is helpful to boost your site ranking quickly.

  • Target Local Searchers with Landing Pages and Listings

You must target your local searchers with landing pages and listings. You can easily do so by building and optimizing local landing pages, engaging technical SEO for local search.

Q7. How to choose an SEO optimization company for your business??

Giving the command of your website into the hands of the right SEO company means half of the task is already complete. So, below are specific points that you may consider while picking up the right firm for your business.

  • Industry-specific Thought Leadership

Top SEO companies are always up to date with the latest trends and how they impact rankings, traffic, and business in general. So, keep this thing in mind while picking up an SEO agency.

  • Real Customer Testimonials

When a client gets satisfied with services, he is always open to give testimonials. So check what customers say about the particular SEO company and then decide to choose it.

  • Impressive Client Portfolio and Case Studies

It's a common phenomenon nowadays to display a clientele that helps you to choose an SEO marketing company quickly.

  • A Diverse Team of Specialists and Services

So many things are required in SEO execution, so it's better to ask the firm to tackle the execution. Check whether they all have good experiences with strategic creativity and the correct implementation.