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Are you facing trouble in finding an eCommerce development company? Can you trust any random eCommerce website development company? The answer is no

The demand for online shopping is growing gradually and so do the eCommerce platforms. Businesses with physical stores are moving online to multiply their ROI and brand visibility. However, in the highly aggressive eCommerce development marketplace, getting an eCommerce store is quite challenging. 

eCommerce or an online store's development process is tricky if you do not know where to begin. Fortunately, there are several best eCommerce website development companies to help you out. After considering the need for eCommerce companies, SoftwareFirms has come up with some top eCommerce developers & website development service providers for you. So, whether you are looking for a Magento developer, Opencart developer, WordPress development service provider, or any other open-source platform, we have got you covered for all your needs.  

You can find the team, previous projects, client reviews, ratings, budget, and more in this list. The best eCommerce development companies can build robust eCommerce services that deliver a remarkable shopping experience to users.

List of Top eCommerce Development Companies Near You | Best eCommerce Website Developers

Some General Questions From Clients

Know more about Indian IT outsourcing industry in the following FAQs

Q1. Why Do You Need to Hire the Top eCommerce Website Development Company??

There are numerous advantages of hiring an expert eCommerce web development company: 

  • Domain Expertise 

An eCommerce web development firm helps you to get your desired solutions without much investment. With their domain expertise and market analyses, you can have an excellent eCommerce website. 

  • On-Time Project Delivery

Experts at an eCommerce web development Company are dedicated to delivering within the deadlines. The organization puts its heart and soul to complete a project without any compromise with the quality. They consider developing long-term associations with their users. 

  • Save Your Time 

If you outsource website eCommerce development services, it will be beneficial in the long run. It will allow you to save time and money to select and manage a team of programmers to get the website developed. 

Besides, hiring eCommerce web development services will give you a user-friendly and appealing site for your particular business requirements.

  • Deliver Great Outcomes 

As soon as you hire a trusted eCommerce development company for building your website, you can ensure that they will bring excellent outcomes. Since they understand the principle of operating in cut-throat competition, they provide unbelievable results when it comes to your online store designing and development. 

Q2. How to Choose the Perfect eCommerce Development Company??

The top eCommerce developers concentrate on hiring the top of their abilities in building impeccable website functions for the organization. Nevertheless, businesses need to choose the right firm for their eCommerce website to be thriving. Focus on these factors:

  • Portfolio

The first thing for selecting the best ecommerce website design company is to go through the organization's portfolio. It helps you in discovering the same match for your need. Besides, it gives you an idea of the latest technologies they use, projects they have completed, and their expertise in this sector. 

  • Experience

Pick a corporation having vast experience in building the best eCommerce design. The in-depth expertise in Web Design & Development, User Experience, and User Interface will help you know and meet your needs. 

  • Development Process

The development process is another factor in which development connections are maintained. The organization should give you a precise approach to project completion to understand the step-by-step execution of the completed phases. 

Ensure that the entire development implementation is done by the provided deadline and deliver the end product in a timely manner. With the trending new technologies, assure that the most advanced trends and methods are followed. 

  • Communication

Selecting a proper interaction channel is a necessity for the eCommerce developer and client to communicate. It is possible to use Project Management Tools, Emails, Skype, and more for appropriate interaction if developers and clients are not near. Discuss and always raise questions to clear all your doubts.


Q3. Why has eCommerce Website Development Become Significant??

An eCommerce website lets you sell your services and products via the Internet. But that's not all; here are a few more benefits of having an eCommerce website: 

  • Reach Out to Your Audience Globally 

The development helps you to come closer to the users globally. It turns out to be effortless for your goods without having geographical restrictions. 

  • Fulfills the Demands of the User 

With an eCommerce website development, you can get an interactive, attractive, and unique website that will suit your audiences' expectations and needs. 

  • Improved Visibility 

It will boost your websites' visibility by utilizing the best optimization. Therefore, it will attract more traffic and lead to your site, crucial for expanding any business.  

  • Give Detailed Data 

With eCommerce web development, you can give all the mandatory details about your services and products to potential shoppers. Therefore, making their shopping experience enjoyable and pleasant.  

Q4. Which Are the Most Known eCommerce Development Platforms??

1. Shopify

  • Custom domains
  • AI/Personalization
  • Unlimited product listings
  • Inventory tracking
  • Real-time sales statistics
  • More than 70 themes or templates available

2. BigCommerce

  • Ratings and reviews
  • Reporting
  • Custom domains
  • Unlimited product listings
  • Multi-currency sales 
  • Unlimited bandwidth & file storage
  • 12 free themes and 160+ paid themes
  • Combinations with POS and shipping software

3.  Magento

  • Global selling
  • Site search
  • Catalog management
  • Integrated shipping, payment, and checkout
  • Mobile-optimized shopping
  • Extended Functionality through App marketplace
  • Customization choices available

4. WooCommerce

  • Product reviews
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Catalog management
  • Mobile-optimized shopping
  • Inventory management
  • Geo-location support
  • Shipping calculator and options 
  • Coupons and discounts

5. Squarespace

  • Digital products
  • Personalized products
  • Automatic discounts
  • Abandon cart auto-recovery
  • Product import or export
  • Upselling and cross-selling
  • Instant shipping rates and tracking
  • Restricted integration alternatives

Q5. What Questions Should You Ask an eCommerce Development Company??

Before cooperating with a website development company, it is necessary to ask particular queries to guarantee a stable and effortless web development process.

  • How Much Experience Does Your Firm Hold in This Industry?
  • How Does Your eCommerce Developer Interact?
  • What Will Be the Development Cost?
  • How Much Time Do You Need to Develop an eCommerce Website?

Q6. What Are the Core Causes that Lets Users Abandon Your Website??

Here the core reasons for shopping cart abandonment: 

  • Loading Time.
  • Complex Check-Out Process.
  • Concerns Related to Payment Security.
  • Bad Navigation.
  • Deficient Details.

Q7. How much does it cost to build an eCommerce website??

Usually, eCommerce website development costs can vary from $10,000 to $500,000 or more. However, the cost will eventually be driven by the project's difficulty, the platform you pick (For example, WordPress, Shopify, Magento, and more), UI/UX designing of the website, etc.


Q8. How Long Does it Take to Build an eCommerce Website??

Several factors influence how long it takes to design and develop an eCommerce website. Always make sure that your site is high-quality, secured, and robust. For instance, the more services or products you have to trade online, the longer it will require to develop your site. Consider the biggest online eCommerce website like Amazon. No two eCommerce websites are similar. Here is the estimated time for different eCommerce websites: 

  • Easy eCommerce site with up to 25 Products: Approximately 4 Weeks.
  • Semi-Complicated eCommerce site with various products and categories: Approximately 6 Weeks.
  • Full, custom, and complicated eCommerce Website: Approximately 16 Weeks.

Q9. What is an eCommerce Development Company??

An eCommerce development company is an organization that can produce, design, and develop web pages that can be utilized to create websites for online businesses. These companies are themed on different services provided on each website like analytics, social media integration, etc.

So, whenever you think of developing an eCommerce site, you can search on Google with keywords like eCommerce web developer near me, eCommerce developers near me, top 10 eCommerce development companies near me, etc. This will provide you with a list of eCommerce development companies near you. You can contact them to find out their services and fees for developing your site.

Q10. What Are The Top 10 E-commerce Companies??

The list of the top 10 eCommerce companies is given below:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Nykaa E-Retail Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Flipkart Internet Pvt. Ltd. ( Walmart)
  5. Think & Learn Pvt. Ltd. ( Byjus)
  6. Just Dial Ltd.
  7. Zomato Ltd.
  8. Myntra Designs Pvt. Ltd.
  9. MakeMyTrip Ltd.
  10. One97 Communications (Paytm)

Q11. What Is The Best E-commerce Company??

The best companies for eCommerce are as follows:

  1. Shopify
  2. BigCommerce
  3. Squarespace
  4. Woocommerce
  5. Magento

Q12. Who Are The Best eCommerce Website Developers In The World??

  • MOBIKASA: They provide both E-Commerce and Non-eCommerce Solutions. They have a team of trained, highly skilled, and experienced designers and developers specializing in custom web design.
  • ValueCoders: ValueCoders is an offshore web design and development company. They provide end-to-end eCommerce solutions, including the development of custom websites.
  • Elixir Infosystems: Elixir Info is a leading eCommerce solution provider for small businesses. Their team specializes in developing customized E-commerce websites using Magento, Shopify, Big Commerce, WordPress, Woo-commerce, and more.
  • PixelCrayons: PixelCrayons is a custom software development company. It has extensive experience in E-commerce Development across many platforms, including Magento, WordPress, Shopify, OpenCart, and more.
  • Opera Solutions: Opera Solutions is an offshore eCommerce website development company that provides end-to-end services in the eCommerce website designing and development field.

Q13. What Are The Top 10 eCommerce Sites??

The list of the top 10 eCommerce sites are given below:

  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Alibaba Group
  4. Rakuten Inc.
  5. JD Worldwide Limited
  6. Priceline Group Incorporated
  7. Craigslist Incorporated
  8. Sears Holding Corporation
  9. Overstock

Q14. Which Technology Is Best For eCommerce Website Development??

PHP, ASP.NET, JAVA, etc., are the best technologies available for eCommerce website development. But it is recommended to opt for an open-source platform like Magento, which offers tons of feature-rich extensions and bundles freedom to design your layout easily.

Q15. How Much Does It Cost to Hire Someone to Build an eCommerce Website??

Website development is a broad term that can be used in many different contexts. The average cost for hiring someone to build an E-commerce website ranges from $5,000-$20,000. The actual costs may vary depending upon the nature of your eCommerce business and the technical complexity of the project you're looking at.

Q16. What Is eCommerce Development??

E-commerce development is designing, creating, and building an eCommerce website to engage in online retailing. The entire business model will have a multi-channel approach that will include web stores, social media platforms, marketplaces, etc. Basically, it is done with the help of various billing systems like PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, etc.

Q17. What is an eCommerce Platform Developer??

An e-commerce platform developer has expertise in building custom web applications, both frontend, and backend. Application development companies are also responsible for developing an eCommerce website with the help of programming languages, toolsets, platforms, etc.

Q18. How Do I Hire an eCommerce Developer??

The best way to hire an eCommerce developer is by asking them relevant questions like what kind of project they are looking for? What is their experience with the specific platform? How many projects they have handled already, etc.